Friday, January 24, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner, that's the way Daddy Rolls - A Daddy Post

Daddy here, filling in for Mommy!

Last night mommy woke up at 2am about as sick as I was two weeks ago. I of course slept through it but she informed me that morning when I woke up! I honestly felt bad for her but deep down I thought to myself, now I am going to get sick! That seems to be the way it works around here, either we all get sick, or just I get end up getting sick.

Luckily Carter has only had a cough and congestion. As for me, it struck me at around 8:06am. Six minutes into my work day, I realized that it would not be a pleasant day. I did what I could but I ended up leaving work at around 10am. I came home, hydrated and rested. Poor Liz on the other hand toughed it out and made it through her work day.

So obviously when she got home she was absolutely beat. She tried laying down in the living room with Carter and but was not able to get any rest because Carter was obsessed with going over to her and bugging her. At about five, she finally called it quits and went to bed.

With that, Carter and I sauntered into the kitchen to figure out what the plan was for dinner. Much to our disappointment, there was not preprepared food left from the week that would be an easy heat up and serve. So I decided I would introduce Carter to one of my favorite dinner meals, BREAKFAST!

Liz and I had some pancakes left over from Thursday's dinner (yes, mom and dad had breakfast for dinner the night before!) and decided that the bites he had yesterday he seemed to really enjoy. So I warmed those up, along with some peaches and a glass of apple juice and he was set. He immediately went to town and ate all of the food I had made him.

After that, a little bit of quality rocking and snuggle time and he was ready for a bath. At this point he was so tired, I sat him down in the tub and he just sat there and stared at me. Needless t o say, there was not playing tonight! And then, out of the blue, he scrunched up his face and farted. Except, it wasn't a fart. But a poop! So we took a faster bath then expected and got him in his jammies.

After that, some more rocking and snuggling until bedtime. We very sneakily creep into mommy's room to kiss her goodnight and then lay him down to bed. All in all it was a good night!