Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ty's Messy, Not Clean, Very Stinky Day

Yep, that's right, that icky stomach bug Carter had a couple of days ago...  Ty ended up with it today.  Carter woke up at 6:15 am (little mister needs to learn how to sleep in on weekends) and as I got up to get Carter, Ty got up and hurried to the bathroom.  We were both counting on his day going similar to Carter's when he was sick and hoped since he had thrown up in the morning he'd be done with that.  Nope, not the case.  Carter only threw up once at 8:00 am and was fine until the diarrhea began at 2:00 pm and lasted until 8:00 pm.  Unfortunately for Ty he was on and off the toilet all day, spending his day either in the bathroom, in bed, or on the couch.
Apologizing (with snuggles) to daddy for getting him sick.
I wanted to give Ty some peace and quiet as he rested so I took Carter out to a playground close to our house.  I've never seen anyone there so I was surprised when we arrived and there were 2 kids playing.  The little girl immediately came over to tell me how cute my baby was and doted on Carter the entire time we were there.  When I took a picture of Carter she wanted in the picture with him.  When we left she asked to give him a hug and when she did, Carter had the most precious smile on his face!
The cutest little tiger you'll ever see!
Enjoying a train at the park.
Carter made a buddy.

When we got home Ty was up and still feeling horrible.  I had hoped he would be feeling a bit better because it was about the same amount of time Carter had been feeling really badly.  This stomach bug must be one of those things, like chicken pox, that is much worse to get when you're an adult.  It could also be that Carter has a pretty kick butt immune system due to 12 months of breastfeeding, who knows!  All we know is that Ty threw up all day long and could only keep Gatorade down whereas Carter even ate heavy foods like spaghetti and did fine.  I'm counting on my constant exposure to germs and subsequently killer immune system to keep me from coming down with it next.  I have my little germy and touchy feely first graders to thank for that!  Now if I wake up tomorrow like Ty did today I will be very disappointed!

Carter was so worried about his daddy.  He would walk over to him, while holding onto the couch, to check on him.  We were in the living room and Carter heard Ty throwing up in the bathroom.  He took off toward the bathroom to check on his daddy.  I let him watch for a little bit, but then took him back in the other room because it seemed weird being an audience for what was going on.  The minute I put Carter down on the floor, he took off for the bathroom after his daddy.  I felt so badly for Ty and Carter seemed to as well.  I'm hoping he wakes up feeling as good as new tomorrow so he doesn't miss out on the gorgeous weather!  Today it got up to 57 degrees and tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 60's.  We had talked about going to the zoo if Ty is up to it.  So we'll see what the morning brings.
Checking on daddy.


  1. I hope Ty feels fine tomorrow and you don't get it. Good luck. And Carter is a charmer.

  2. Our poor guys! Fingers crossed for Liz!

    1. Thanks to my germy kiddos exposing me to everything under the sun my first couple of years teaching I now have one heck of an immune system and never got it!