Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Day My Immune System Gave Up

After a grueling day at work, well actually a grueling week, I went to lay down and rest for a little bit at 5:00 yesterday evening.  I figured I'd wake up after Carter ate dinner and I could give him his bath and spend some time snuggling before he went to bed.  Ty brought Carter in to say good night to me around 8:00 and I struggled to lift my head enough to give him kisses.  Then I zonked out again until Ty came to bed around 10:00.  As he slid into bed I asked him what Carter ate for dinner.  He responded with, "You'll just have to read the blog!"  How sweet of him to make a post while I was out for the count.  I enjoyed reading the post and looking at the pictures this morning after sleeping for nearly 14 hours.  I guess that's what happens when you are sick for 4 days and don't sleep any extra to help you recover, you crash eventually!  Unfortunately that teacher immune system I've been bragging about gave out on me.

It all started on Tuesday, my first day of work for the week.  After dropping the students off in the cafeteria for lunch I started having vision trouble and my head was pounding within 45 minutes.  Sometimes when I get migraines I am really nauseous and other times I feel mostly normal other than my head.  This one was accompanied by the constant feeling that I needed to throw up.  I went about my day as usual because getting a sub half-way through the day is pretty impossible and I've grown accustomed to functioning with a migraine for that very reason.
We've been drinking LOTS of Gatorade around here this week!
The next day (Wednesday) my head was still hurting, but much better although the nausea hadn't subsided and was actually much worse.  I ended up not eating anything and only drinking Gatorade all day, which Ty had run out to buy me that morning, such a sweetie!  That night I had vision trouble driving home from picking Carter up at daycare and got another migraine.  I was disappointed when I woke up Thursday and my head was still fuzzy and painful and I was desperately wishing I could throw up.  Throughout the entire 1st trimester with Carter I struggled with migraines (I'm talking 2-3 a week) which were always accompanied by severe nausea.  I was starting to wonder if that was what was going on and then the next bout of the bug kicked in.  Starting Friday morning around 2am I was in and out of the bathroom all night long.  Obviously it was unpleasant but saved us the $6 we would have spent on a pregnancy test.  I wasn't even successful with Gatorade, so spent all morning sipping Sprite from a straw.  I was feeling a little bit better by lunchtime and decided to try some soup which turned out to be a mistake.  During the afternoon I had to run to the bathroom numerous times and the nausea kicked it up a notch.  Not cool!  I'm hoping this weekend Ty (who of course if I have a bug has one too) and I will be feeling back to normal!  Until then we are downing ridiculous amounts of Gatorade and taking it easy!
Good thing Carter's so cute!


  1. You're right, Carter is cute. And holding the huge Gatorade bottle is so cute!!