Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh How Carter Has Changed!

This weekend Ty was bouncing Carter on the bed and Carter was laughing and loving it!  It was so cute that I pulled out my phone and took a video.  As I watched the video later when Carter was asleep for the night I had a flashback to Ty playing with Carter, getting him to laugh on the bed when Carter was 7 months old.  I flipped back to the video I was thinking of and was amazed by the difference in our little boy.  He's now almost twice the age he was back then.  He looks so much thinner, is mobile and moving all over in the video, and I swear his laugh sounds just a little bit different.  I had totally forgotten how Carter used to squeal in between laughs!  I think you'll be amazed in the similarities yet stark differences between Carter in the 2 videos!


  1. You aren't kidding he sounds different. Dad watched this before me, and he played the 7 month one first. I was worried because Carter didn't sound right, then Dad told me what was going on.

  2. When I listened again today Zuma went on alert. She's still looking trying to see where Carter might be.