Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back at It

Today was my first day back at work and Carter's first day back at daycare since Christmas break.  Thanks to yesterday's snow day we had 17 glorious days home together!  Just so I'll remember next time around with Baby #2 it still hasn't gotten much easier.  The longer I am at home the harder it is to go back.  I'm afraid I'll look back and remember things with a rosy tint like I typically do.  Then I'll wonder why it's so hard the second time around.

Ready to make some important calls on the car ride this morning.
This morning was tough for me and involved a few tears.  When we walked into daycare and Carter saw the other kids he started laughing.  I felt a bit better because I guess deep down I was a little nervous about his transition back into daycare.  I set him down on the floor and he immediately took off crawling around.  He even went over to a baby laying on the floor on a Boppy and touched her head with a little bit too much force.  Knowing Carter was having fun helped, but I still missed him so much!

Taking off at daycare.
It was so great to see all my students and they sure know how to start my day of nicely.  I was greeted with giant smiles and big hugs as they walked through the door.  They were so excited to share news of toys they got or activities they did over break, so I gave them each a sticky note to write something to me when they finished their morning work.  I loved reading through the notes.  I can't say enough how precious my kiddos are!  Nothing can beat walking into Carter's daycare and seeing him after a day at work.  It is the most amazing feeling.  Now making it out to the car is the hard part because it means I have to put Carter in his car seat and no longer get to hold him.  Today he napped on our ride home which was perfect because he was ready to boggie down when we got home. 

These sweet smiles make my day!
The best part of my day was when Ty arrived home.  I always cheer, clap, and excitedly say daddy to get Carter jacked up when Ty walks in.  Today before I started the regular cheer squad, Carter heard Ty say something to Harper as he walked in and immediately took off toward the hallway and speed crawled to him.  It was the sweetest thing!  I love my boys!

The highlight of our evening playtime was Carter with the dishwasher.  It is one of Carter's favorite toys these days.  Anytime the dishwasher is open he excitedly crawls over, pulls up on it, stares at his reflection, and be bops around.  It is hysterical to watch, especially when he hikes his leg up and attempts to climb on top of it.  You will have to forgive the length of the video I took while he was playing with the dishwasher.  One of the main reasons why I take videos on my phone is so I can watch them at work when I miss Carter and have no kids around.  Basically when I'm walking back from dropping the kids off in specials or lunch, plan time, and my lunchtime.  Just hearing his voice perks me up!


  1. Very cute video! He looked like he was surprised the first time or two he went down, then he looked like he went down just to practice going down and then back up.

    1. The closer we get to bedtime, the more he falls over. I think he gets tired.

  2. Dang I wish I lived closer! Carter is too darn cute!