Monday, January 6, 2014

Another Snow Day

We had a snow day today.  Yesterday we got some snow and ice, but not very much.  School was most likely canceled due to the freezing temperatures.  This morning when I checked the temperature was 3 degrees and with the wind chill it felt much colder.  By 3:00 pm the temperature was 15 degrees and with the wind chill it felt like 8 degrees.  Carter and I didn't go outside to play in the snow today, but we did go out yesterday.  Uncle Jeremy came over and played with us, pulling Carter in the sled and pushing the sled down a small hill in our backyard.  Carter had a blast but got tired toward the end.

I'm a bit bummed we only have one built in snow day left.  After that we will either have to go to school for a few days longer at the end of the year or add minutes to the end of the school day.  Neither of those options are appealing to me so I hope we don't have any more inclement weather!  That being said, I loved my day home with Carter so much!  Having another day added to the end of Christmas break was perfect.  I'm still not ready to drop Carter off at daycare and go back to work tomorrow, but I never will be! 
Hanging out with Uncie Jeremy.
Snuggling with daddy after being in the cold.
I finally got a picture of Carter's nose scrunch smile!


  1. Harper does so well with him in the sled. Remember Peanut trying to stop the sleds? Harper just greets him at the end. That sled is perfect!!

    1. It is amazing, definitely beats the sled with a bumbo in it. I do remember Peanut! Harper does really well when he's in the sled. When he's out in the snow she gets jacked up trying to get him to play and accidentally knocks him over. When we run laps in the sled she runs along beside us which is precious!