Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Much Needed Beautiful Weekend!

This weekend came with some beautiful weather, temperatures pushing 60 degrees!  We were so excited to spend time outside!  Carter and I were outside as much as possible.  I blew bubbles at Carter, he played with his bike, and Ty picked up some sidewalk chalk for us.  I was shocked when I handed a piece of sidewalk chalk to Carter and he drew on the ground with it after seeing me do the same moments later.  My surprise was quickly squelched when what I had expected occurred.  After drawing 4 scribbles on the concrete, Carter became intrigued by the box the chalk had come in and only wanted to play with the box or throw the chalk around thereafter.
The first time we went out it was 48 degrees and windy.

Initially I put Carter on his bike and pushed him around.  After we played with the chalk Carter hauled it crawlingout to his bike and attempted to climb on with no help.  I couldn't suppress my laughter as he fell forward as the wheels began to move.  He didn't give up and went for it again.  After sitting on the bike and realizing he only knew how to push himself backward when he really wanted to move forward, he got off the bike and walked behind the bike pushing it.  It was the cutest thing!  I'm so excited for him to walk on his own and ride his bike moving forward!