Friday, December 13, 2013

The Uncles' First Year Memories

Wow, Carter, reading these birthday countdown letters I am amazed.  Not by how much you are loved, that is constantly apparent, but by what rich stories and amazing writing everyone had to share.  I've noticed your infectious laugh is mentioned over and over which is so true.  When you are around it is hard not to smile and when you laugh it's impossible not to laugh in return.  I can't believe tomorrow is your first birthday and as your birthday eve present, here are memories shared by your uncles.  

Uncle Jeremy:

I can still remember quite vividly holding you hours after you were born.  I can still recall the visceral feelings of holding newborn life and the sensations of your tiny, warm frame pulsating with breath and being overcome with sheer awe at how beautiful and miraculous life can potentially be.
Uncle Jeremy holding you for the first time.
I also cherish all of the memories of looking into your beautiful marble blue eyes and seeing a sense of recognition and happiness.  One of my favorite specific memories is the memory I have of coming over to Liz and Ty’s one night while you were playing in the doorframe of the living room on the floor.  I walked in the front door and as Liz greeted me I saw you turn and look up at me and smile with recognition. 

Another series of my favorite memories are of how hilarious you find dogs and cats to be.  I could spend hours observing you watching Harper run around outside through the window with your contagious squeals of laughter and joy or watching you find amusement in Skippy and in crawling after his elusive attention.  What in the universe can possibly compete with an infant’s pure and unbridled sense of happiness and joy?  I submit to you nothing at all. 

Uncle Paul:

Hey buddy!  I remember the first time your Aunt Amanda and I got to see you and it was all because of some perfect timing on your part.  We had planned out our trip home for Christmas knowing that your expected birthdate wasn’t until January 9th.  We were torn as to what to do but were fully prepared to make an immediate trip back home in January to see you.  Low and behold our Christmas wishes came true as you arrived in Tulsa a week before we did!  We were so excited to hold you, (now try not to get a big head) and you totally lived up to the hype.   Our time together for that first meeting was nowhere near long enough and we were saddened to have to say good bye.  

That first visit would have to hold us over for a long 11 months as we returned home to Florida.  During that time we would grow with you through your mother’s blogs and all the adorable pictures and videos.   By the time we made it back to Kansas for the following Thanksgiving we were bursting with excitement.  I still remember seeing you for the first time that trip, I had just woken up and turned the corner to your Dad’s old bedroom when there you stood, (with the assistance of your father) on the bed.  The window behind you was open and the early morning winter light was pouring in around your silhouette, it was a surreal moment as the little boy I had been watching all year on my computer screen was staring back at me with every bit of wonder that could fit in those wide eyes of yours.
Those are some wide eyes!
 Your Aunt Amanda’s favorite times were with you in the morning. She loved how snuggly you were and she especially loved feeding you breakfast on the last morning we had together.We loved our time with you and simply could not get enough throughout our visit.  It didn’t last long, but somehow I don’t think our time together ever will.  Happy first birthday Carter!  We miss you dearly and CAN NOT wait to see you again!

Eating breakfast with Aunt Amanda.
Uncle Thomas:


You are such a fun and easy-going kid that it is hard for me to pick out times that stand out from the others. Whether it’s walking around with you on my shoulders or just watching you laugh at how ridiculous Benny and Bobbie are, I always enjoy being around you. After thinking about it for a while, there were two times that I really enjoyed and will always remember. 

One time was when we went to the aquarium, watching your face when you would see the fish was hysterical. As soon as you would see the fish your face would light up and you would get a huge smile across your face. It was incredible how fascinated you were with the fish. Your mom told me that on a later trip to the aquarium you even laughed at all of the sharks. 

Another time that stands out for me is when you were my running partner at the zoo run. Even though we were running slower than you were used to and it was chilly and wet outside you loved the entire race, which made it that much more enjoyable for me. Every time we would pass someone you would shout in excitement and kick your feet, as if telling me to go faster. Carter, I have really enjoyed spending time with you and am looking forward to spending even more time with you in the future. Have a great first birthday! 
After running the zoo run.
Uncle Tommy
Sitting with your Great Grandpa at 364 Days Old: 1 day until your birthday!

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