Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Carter's Smash Cake Photo Shoot

When Ty made the smash cake for Carter's party he was able to make 3 smaller cakes with the batter.  Carter had one at his birthday party and then we saved one for his smash cake photo shoot.  I was so excited for the diaper and tie only!  So excited that I couldn't wait and we went for it on Sunday afternoon.  It was hilarious.  Since he'd been fully clothed and in a high chair at his party, giving him a cake with no shoes while sitting on the floor was a totally different ball game.  He initially crawled to the cake and then later crawled away from it.  My favorite moment was when he lifted his leg and kicked the cake with the heel of his foot.  Baby boy is going to be a soccer player one day!  I'm loving all the pictures and I'm sure you will, too!  Get ready for picture overload!
Crawling to the cake!

Hmm, now what's in here?!!?

Kicking the cake.


  1. Good pictures! We needed to move the sheet, didn't we?

    1. I didn't notice, I was too focused on Carter's face in the pictures!