Monday, December 30, 2013

Good News and a First

We got good news back today about Carter's allergy test.  He is mildly allergic to egg whites and the doctor thinks he will outgrow it.  We are to avoid egg whites for now.  I'm so glad we got the results I had hoped for.  Since Carter had no reaction to his flu shot and only threw up when he ate eggs with no other reations, I hoped that meant it was a mild allergy!
Carter is obsessed with drinking from my water bottle!

This afternoon Carter pulled up to a stand at the futon trying to reach for Harper.  I was so excited that I began cheering for him.  He looked at me and fell down.  Then he pulled up to his knees and reached for me, wanting help to stand.  This evening Ty coaxed Carter toward him on the couch and Carter pulled up again!  When he fell down, he pulled up again and again and again!  I am so proud of him!


  1. Go Carter! And of course he'd stand for Harper. :) Which dog did he pull up for before? I think it was one of the little ones. He loves dogs!!

    1. Did he pull up to his feet or his knees for the other dog? I've never seen him pull up to his feet on his own before.