Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No Green Eggs and Ham for our Carter Man - By Daddy

Well... no eggs at least, green, yellow, or any other color. We were able to confirm Sunday night that Carter was allergic to eggs.

Over the past few weeks we had randomly given Carter scrambled eggs with his dinner. The first time, he ate very late then bathed and we put him to bed. We were getting ready for bed when he started crying. Liz went in there to soothe him and found him laying in his own vomit.

Momma to the rescue! Always makes a sick baby feel better.

We scrambled (haha like the eggs) to get him changed and back in bed only to have him vomit two more times that night. Getting low on jammies and crib sheets, Liz sat and rocked him to make sure he was over the sickness. That night he did not sleep well and woke up early and hungry!

Sooooooooooooooo sleepy!

We were not sure what the problem was but messaged the doctor and just kept an eye on him for the next few days. He seemed to be a little slow to get back his appetite but after a day he was back to normal.

Then Sunday night, we went to dinner with Liz's parents at Jason's Deli. Liz got the salad bar and ended up feeding Carter vegetables, cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg. As I was climbing into bed that night, I heard Carter coughing. For some reason, I felt like I needed to check on him.

I climbed over Liz (the monitor was on her side, and she didn't appreciate me climbing over her and waking her up apparently!) to see Carter laying in his own vomit again.

Borrowed your towel daddy, hope that's ok!

We got him changed and back to sleep and finally said it out loud, our little guy is allergic to a food item. We checked with the doctor and as we thought, he said Carter needed to stay away from eggs and anything with eggs in it.

Honestly, this is not something that has us to worried. After some quick research, most children allergic to eggs outgrow it by about 5. We can also be thankful that his reaction is only an upset stomach and vomiting and nothing more serious.

Being goofy while momma wrestles pants on Carter!


  1. Oh no! Poor Carter! We just discovered that Liam has an egg allergy, too. But his manifests itself in stomach pains, which is easier than cleaning up throw up! But it is still so heartbreaking to see your baby not feeling well! Thank goodness eggs are fairly easy to avoid though and there wasn't any throat closing up or dangerous hives!

    1. Wow, it's amazing how much our boys are alike! We will have to swap egg-free recipes!