Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jeremy Update

Last night when my dad went up to spend the night with Jeremy, Thomas and I went with him so we could pop in to see Jeremy. Visiting hours are from 9am-6pm with only 2 visitors allowed in the room. They resume at 9pm until 6am for one person to spend the night. So we try not to visit that way very often but I really wanted to see him and with his surgery that day I hadn't gotten the chance. I was shocked and excited to walk in and find his eyes not only open, but also blinking. I couldn't wait to get over beside him and talk to him. When I did, I swear he looked directly into my eyes! It was the most amazing thing and when I went home I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep. Today he was doing really well and the doctors were so excited. They have decreased his pento to 0.25 mg/kg/hr which means one more decrease and he is fully off it. It will take some time for it to work its way out of his system once he's done with it. Then we'll get to slowly see what he is able to do. We know it will be a long process, but we are excited to see what we're working with! Today while my mom was there Jeremy was tracking her and looking at her when she talked. When she told him to blink his eyes, he did. He has also been wiggling his toes. When he's able to breathe on command, they will take the trach tube out and allow him to breathe on his own. We are all excited and a little bit nervous about what comes next, but so ready! I've had people asking about my dad's hernia surgery and I had totally forgotten I mentioned it on here. He had an appointment on Monday and another one today. They have him scheduled for surgery on Friday. Jeremy and dad share a birthday and it is this Saturday. Every year on their birthday my dad says, "Guess what my favorite birthday present ever was?" and Jeremy would say, "Me!" It will definitely be a different celebration this year, but we still have lots to celebrate! Elise woke up from her nap when Carter fell asleep for his, so an update is all I have tonight.
Elise was quite pleased with herself for waking up early, haha!


  1. Cutie Pie! I wish I could just drove over to see her and Carter. Missing out on so much! I am thrilled for Jeremy. I have felt this entire time that he would be himself when he came through this. I haven't worried about brain damage. I know it will be a long while before he is back to speed physically, but I haven't worried about Jeremy not being Jeremy! Keep up the hard work Jeremy!!

  2. Love everything about this update! Xoxo