Friday, January 29, 2016

I Love...

Jeremy Update:

Today was an exciting day. Jeremy received physical therapy and was able to push his hand into the therapist's hand on command. He also turned to look at my dad on command and squeezed my mom's hand on command. Those were the first times he was able to do something when he was asked. Ty took the day off work to help out with my dad's surgery so I got the chance to visit Jeremy for about an hour and a half. It was my first visit of the week that was longer than 30 minutes and I sure needed it! He was the most alert I had ever seen him. While I was there he moved his arms, grimaced, shrugged his shoulders, and spent some time sitting in a chair. When he coughs he moves his lips like he wants to push air through his lips rather than through the trach tube. He is focusing with his eyes even better and tracks things much better. When I talked he looked at me and when I walked from one side of his bed to the other he tracked me. He watched videos of Carter and intently stared at my phone. I haven't seen him smile since that first day he did it, so I'm thinking he did really smile at me. Something I've noticed when I'm visiting at the same time as my mom is that he is always looking at her, looking for her, and watching her. When he'd fall asleep we'd both sit down. Then when he woke up, he'd look around for us so we'd get up to stand by him. The poor guy now has a UTI and thrush on top of all his other ailments. He must be quite uncomfortable. We are all extremely pleased with his progress and proud of how hard he is working. My dad's surgery this morning went well. He's not supposed to lift over 10 pounds and was told not to run for a week. After his surgery they wheeled him up to Jeremy's room in a wheelchair so he could visit Jeremy while he recovered.
Dad hanging with Jeremy while recovering.
Now on to what I love...

Random warm days in the middle of winter. Today it got up into the 70's and we couldn't get enough! We spent the morning soaking up the sun at the zoo and I was amazed by how much the sunshine and fresh air lifted my spirits!
Carter hanging with his buddy at the zoo.
Our amazing support system. We have such a wonderful network of family and friends who have been supporting us through this difficult time. We have been shown love through messages, letters, care packages, gift cards, and food. We feel so loved and taken care of and know the outpouring of love is also being sent to Jeremy through prayers and positive thoughts.

The kindness of strangers. My dad has been in contact with multiple people who were with Jeremy or saw him the day of his accident. Everyone mentions a man who was holding Jeremy and talking until paramedics arrived. He didn't shy away due to blood. He didn't worry about himself. He was just there for Jeremy and showed him the love we should all have for each other. As a family it was so helpful to know someone was there to talk him through it and support him when we were not. We have heard from runners throughout the community that local running clubs have been starting their runs with a prayer for Jeremy. We met some runners at local races who check in on Jeremy and one even brought Panera bagels up to the hospital for us. It's a good reminder for me that even the smallest gestures can make a huge impact.

Watching Carter and Elise's relationship grow and develop. They love each other so much. Carter is constantly asking for sissy to come play with him and Elise crawls after him wherever he goes. They make up games together and Carter's current favorite is to run from Elise and have her chase him. Each time he loops back by her she laughs so hard. It's the absolute cutest!

Valentine's Day. I am already looking forward to it with all the hearts and love and candy! I can't wait to make valentines with both of my little sweeties! I couldn't help myself and picked up some heart shaped glasses and heart glitter goo at Target. I'm a sucker for hearts. I've had our Valentine's Day decorations up since we took down Christmas and it makes me so happy to look at them. I've also been wearing my Valentine's Day socks on the regular.

Ty's Workout Schedule. I feel like he's finally found a balance with working out that makes him really happy. He likes to run and he likes to lift and he's now alternating those workouts every other day. I've enjoyed seeing him so motivated and excited as he watches his body transform. I've enjoyed the transformation as well, although I must add he is strikingly handsome no matter what!

Doing learning themes with the kids. But you already know that! It's so much fun to see Carter excited about learning and proud to share new information with others. He likes telling people the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Today at the zoo he told me that the arctic foxes were white for the winter due to snow and they'll be brown later.  He likes to teach Elise about colors and shapes pointing them out when we're driving or walking. It is so much fun to see him grow and learn and listen to him share information later, knowing that he retained it!
Carter experimenting with mixing colors.
My new Road ID band. Way back in the day my mom got us all Road ID bands that were on a fabric bracelet with velcro. Mine was out of date with a wrong number for Ty so we ordered a new one and it is on a silicone band. It is great piece of mind. Jeremy wasn't wearing his old one. His accident occurred around 11:30 am and it took them until 5 pm to figure out who he was and who his next of kin were to contact us. I know if I were in an accident my family would be contacted nearly immediately. If you are a runner, you should definitely check out Road ID.
Listening to Carter read books. It's so adorable to hear him making up words and looking at pictures to see what the story is about. He is always picking up books and reading to himself. People always joke when their kids are quiet they know they are up to no good. When Carter is quiet? He's off reading a book somewhere. Elise sees him and is drawn to books as well. Right now her favorite toys are bath books and socks. She carries bath books around all over the place. Often times she'll crawl by with one of Carter's socks in her mouth.
Elise crawling around with Carter's sock in her mouth.


  1. SO glad to hear of your brother's progress! And Target gets me every time with their V-day decorations :)

    1. Thank you! They definitely have the cutest stuff!

  2. Love your blog! Love reading about your kids. Brings back lots of fond memories of our girls growing they are junior and seniors in high school and Jenny will be headed to Tulsa next year for college. So glad David's surgery is over and that he was able to have it right there in Tulsa. I pray for Jeremy every day when I run, and I pray for the rest of you too. I can't begin to imagine what you all have gone thru. I still get all teary eyed up when I think about your ordeal. Please tell your mother she is constantly in my thoughts and prayers...I just can't and hugs to all. Jane O'Bryan

    1. Thank you for the sweet and heartfelt words. It means so much to know how many people pray for Jeremy when they run. I'm excited to hear Jenny has chosen TU! Tulsa has an awesome trail system and running community! I just hope she doesn't plan on running too many road races, I enjoy winning every now and then, haha! 😉

  3. Happy to hear the news on your Dad's successful surgery and Jeremy's mile markers. Love.