Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jeremy Update

Yesterday I got so excited with how well everything was going. I kept telling myself not to get too excited because all the nurses and doctors have said a lot of times patients take 2 steps forward and one step back. Exactly that happened last night. Jeremy's ICP kept spiking into the mid and upper 20's throughout the night. His nurse was amazing and kept making little adjustments here and there to help get it back down. She noticed when his ICP would spike he wasn't able to control his body temperature on his own so his temperature would go up. I heard her nervously discussing it with another nurse at one point during the night. Finally during one of his spikes she had to turn the Zoll back on to regulate his temperature because his temperature got up to 101 degrees and they need to keep his brain cool so it can recover.  They've been hoping to get him off the Zoll due to the risk of infection since it is a tube that is inserted into his body so that was a disappointment. Due to the spikes during the night his doctor decided against decreasing his pentobarbital again this morning. I had been excited he was off the Zoll and with how well he was doing they may decrease his pentobarbital some more, so both things I'd been so pumped about yesterday were no longer pluses today. It was rough going and I felt really bummed this morning. Today was a great day with his ICP around 11 for most of the day. I'm hopeful tonight will be a better night so they can look at decreasing the pentobarbital again starting tomorrow. I'm hopeful I'll have better news to share tomorrow!

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