Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Love...

Seeing good friends.  There are some friends you can go years without seeing and just pick up where you left off.  We got to see one of those friends today.  I hate that I hadn’t seen her in 2 years, but she lives in Montana and I live in Oklahoma.  Neither of us can afford plane tickets, that’s just how it goes.
Carter meeting Jess.
Reading to Carter.  He stares at the pictures and grabs at the pages.  When we read board books he loves to turn the pages.  We have an even wider range of choices now that we are going to the library regularly.  

Garage saling.  We left the house with $36.  We came home with $1, lots of toys, some clothes for Carter, cubes to help organize his closet, and (Ty’s favorite) a croquette set for free.
We scored big this weekend!
My goofy husband.  He will do silly stuff like sit on a child’s toy to make me laugh.  He even does it with a smile on his face!  
It's a perfect fit!
Carter’s lovies.  He is so adorable with them.  He will grab them, hold onto them, and wave them around.  He takes the silk and rubs it on his face.  We have been using his bear the most and named it Buddy for Buddy the Elf.  This is Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?

How Carter now opens his mouth when he sees his spoon.  He is quite the eater and has figured out how to get it.  I am amazed at how much he eats.

Making Carter’s baby food.  So far I’ve only made the easy foods I just mash and add milk to.  I’m excited to branch out and make some more difficult recipes.  He’s loved the bananas and avocados I’ve made.  Actually he’s loved all the foods he’s tried.

I mustache, is that avocado you have there?
That Carter now has enough hair that it will randomly stick up in spikes on his head.  I can’t help but look at his hair and giggle.

Having a clean house!  Now that summer is here I have more energy after Carter goes to bed and I’ve been able to clean a little bit each night.  It sure makes a difference!

That for some reason Harper feels the need to lay on things that just aren't the appropriate size for her.  She is such a silly girl!
On the bench in our entryway.
S’mores.  There is just something about the mixture of melted chocolate, gooey marshmallow, and crunchy graham cracker.  I’ve been making them in the microwave lately.  Tonight we busted out the fire pit and roasted marshmallows.  It was glorious!  I should have stopped after one or even two s’mores, but I didn’t.  I ate three.

Fire pit = roasted marshmallows!
Feeling like myself again and fitting into my clothes.  I’m now a couple pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.  My body isn’t quite the same, but I feel better about it.  After Carter and my swimming adventure it has become even more obvious how much I need a new swimsuit top.  Instead of getting a new swimsuit, I’m going to get a new top to match bottoms I already have.

Carter’s room.  I sit in his room and look around at all the love that was put into his room.  Through the different items family and friends made for him, the furniture that was built, and the furniture that was sanded and painted.  He was so loved by so many people before he was even born.

The positions Carter sleeps in.  When I go in to check on him after he’s fallen asleep, I crack up at where his hand is or the placement of his leg.  Every night it’s different and every night it’s adorable.  I always have to lean in and give him a kiss on his chubby cheek because looking down at him in his random sleeping position, love just seeps out of my body.

Spending all day with Carter.  I can already tell summer will not be long enough.  Every day Carter is doing something new and I’m so glad I’m not missing any of it.  He’s started using his tongue and blowing air out of his mouth to make noises.  He’s hilarious.

The thought of giving Carter a little brother or sister someday.  I know it’s kind of crazy, but I still have baby fever.  Maybe it’s because Carter is such a good baby.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t have many problems during pregnancy.  Maybe it’s because labor and delivery went just as I had dreamed it would, but the moment Carter was born I wanted to do it all over again.  And I have every day since then, except for maybe a couple nights those first weeks when I slept for 15 minute increments all night long because baby boy was eating every hour on the hour!

That I have such amazing in-laws.  I hear stories from friends and it really hits home how lucky I am.  Ty’s family is wonderful just like he is.  They are warm and loving and always helpful.  I especially love seeing how much they adore Carter.  

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