Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day

Sunday morning Ty decided he wanted to get up and go for a run.  I had gotten all my runs in during the week, so I told him I would just stay home with Carter while he ran.  It was the perfect cover!  Once he left Carter and I got right to work.  I pulled his presents out of the closet and we wrapped them together.
Such a good little helper!
Then I pulled the jumperoo into the kitchen and made breakfast while Carter played.  I had asked Ty how long he planned to run, so I figured out exactly what time to start cooking so I would finish right before he returned.  I made scrambled eggs and sausage, set the table, and waited.  I kept looking at the clock and wondering.  Ty called and it turned out he ended up walking part of the run because he felt really sick.  He'd been battling a respiratory infection and probably tried to run again too soon.  The food was cold by the time he got home, but we warmed it up.  He was surprised which was my goal anyway!
Carter helping daddy open his present.
Carter went down for a nap right before Ty got home.  We ate breakfast and talked while we waited on Carter to wake up so Ty could open his presents.  Ty loved the poem with footprints from Carter.  I'd have to say the footprints were the best Carter has done so far!

Ty's present from Carter 

Ty loves to cook with Mas Guapo Seasoning because it is delicious!  I like it because it tastes so good but also because it comes with a fake mustache for the chef to wear!  We first got it as a Christmas present from one of my dad's cousins a few years ago and have been hooked ever since!  We were running low, so I ordered him some for Father's Day.
I'm sure Ty will appreciate this picture from a few years ago!
Ty had been complaining about sweat getting in his eyes as he was running.  Probably every runner's biggest complaint right after the heat during summer time!  He wanted to get a head band to keep the sweat out of his eyes, but was encountering difficulty due to his large noggin.  I went to google and searched sweat headbands for large heads and found Halo Headbands.  He hasn't used it yet, so we'll see how well it works.  He tried it on and it fit.  It has velcro to secure in the back and he had it adjusted to about as big as it gets...  Boy does he have brains!

When Ty was finished opening presents Carter grabbed the bubble wrap the Mas Guapo had been wrapped in and started playing with it.  Ty showed him how the bubbles popped and Carter just stared.  I'm not sure what he thought of the noise!
Playing with the bubble wrap.
After opening presents Ty sat down with Carter to relax and I started cleaning the walls to paint the hallway.  Carter and I had picked out a book at the library in honor of his Great Grandpa Cox called "Grandpa's Tractor".  Ty figured Father's Day was a great time to read it, so he pulled it out and Carter was all eyes and ears.  He's such a great listener!

Then Ty decided to Facetime his dad with Carter for Father's Day.  Carter has really started grabbing for anything in sight and especially loves phones because they light up.  Ty had a hard time calling because Carter kept trying to grab the phone.  Ty said Carter first tried to call his Uncle Paul and then this grampy before he was able to get the phone and make a call to his dad.
Making important phone calls.
When Carter got tired, Ty put him down for a nap and went into our master bathroom to work on it.  We started a bathroom remodel right after I got pregnant and it's still in the works.  He got quite a bit done and I got the entire hallway painted.  I am so excited with how it looks!  We had a very fun and productive day!
Carter's Father's Day card he sent to his grandpas and great grandpas

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