Monday, June 10, 2013

Daddy's In Charge

I'm tutoring one day a week in the summer.  Ty agreed to come home right after work instead of running so I could meet up with my student.  I got home after Carter's bedtime routine should start, so Ty was in charge.  Today was the first time with daddy doing bedtime.

I came home, looked at Carter and the first thing I noticed was his hair was sticking straight out from the side of his head.  It's hard to tell in the picture because his hair is basically just fuzz.  Ty hadn't brushed his hair after his bath.  If it's not brushed while wet, it gets a little wild.

He was already in his pajamas which weren't the footie kind and he had no socks on.  He hadn't eaten yet so he ended up with bananas all over his jammies.  I was laughing at how ridiculous Carter looked.  Ty said, "You should write your post about how Carter looked when you got home."  I thought that was a great idea!

After Carter ate and got changed Ty brought him back into the kitchen.  I hid to pop out at him and Ty decided to hide and make Carter pop up at me.  Carter thought it was hilarious and laughed his adorable baby giggle.  I'm not sure what was cuter, Carter's laugh or the triumphant look on Ty's face when Carter laughed.  Overall daddy in charge day was a success although Ty may disagree.

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