Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Half Birthday!

Wow, that seems unreal.  It's so weird when people ask me how old Carter is and I reply with 6 months.  Six months seems so old.  There's no way my baby is that old, but here we are on his half-birthday.  Six months out from his first birthday.  He just keeps growing up!  I'm going to pepper this post with preview pictures from today's short photo shoot.

We have been blessed with a very happy and easy going baby.  He continues to amaze and impress me.  Ty had his first soccer game yesterday and we went to watch.  Carter very happily laid and played on his blanket in the shade.  One of the girls there watching her husband asked if Carter was always that happy.  I got to say, yes he is!

Today I ran a long run in the morning.  Right now that's 7 miles, so not really long, but I'm getting there.  Afterwards I really wanted some eggs, but we were all out.  Last year I joined "The Pancake Revolution" at IHop so they would send me a coupon for a free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity meal (what I love and always get there) on my birthday.  Click here if you're interested. 

I LOVE free stuff and what I didn't realize was that they also send you a coupon on the anniversary of when you joined.  I just got my e-mail a couple days ago, boo yah!  So I took Carter to IHop with me.  He ate peaches while I enjoyed my meal.  I know I'm one lucky momma to have a baby who will happily sit in a restaurant while I eat.  It's so nice to be able to take him places by myself and know that I can handle it.  He sure makes life easy!  
He was all about pushing the blocks around which made it hard to get a picture, but so cute!

Carter's well baby check-up is on Monday, so I'm waiting to take the majority of his 6 month pictures until then so I'll have his official weight and height for the chalkboard.  I did take some pictures today and boy are they precious!

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