Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our St. Louis Trip Comes to an End

Today was the last day of our St. Louis trip.  Ty had to leave early because he had a company soccer game in the evening and work tomorrow.  I stayed and will ride back to my parents' house with them.  I will stay there and Ty will come for the 4th.
Carter enjoying the attention of 7 people all at once.
Today we went to my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Trish's house for Carter to meet the rest of the family.  He met my Aunt Trish and my cousins who were out of town before: Sydney, Ian, Ainsley, Kiley, and Spencer.
Carter and his 2nd cousin, Ian.
It was so sweet to see my cousins holding Carter and loving on him.  Especially because I remember holding them when they were just babies.  It's amazing how quickly time goes by!

Kiley holding Carter

We really enjoyed our trip and had so much fun visiting with everyone, but we will be glad to be home.  I know Carter is ready for his schedule to go back to normal and I'm ready for more snuggles with my precious boy!
Sydney and Ainsley with Carter

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