Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Carter's First Medal

At the beginning of the summer I signed Carter up for the summer reading program at our public library.  I was so excited to check out and read books to him.  A sidewalk was just laid by our house so now we can walk to the library.
Turning the page while reading a book.

We've been going to the library at least once a week and checking out a week's worth of books each time.  The goal for the summer reading program is to visit the library 4 times and read 20 books.  When you accomplish this you get prizes.  At 8 books you are given a medal and at 20 books you get a small stuffed animal.

Carter and I had visited the library 4 times and read 20 books a while ago, but the prizes weren't ready.  Today when we went in they were giving out prizes and I was so excited for Carter to get his!  They have high schoolers volunteering at the summer reading program table and the girl working had the biggest grin on her face as she handed me Carter's prizes.

I opened the medal and put it around his neck.  He grabbed onto the string and played with it the whole time we looked around and chose new books to check out.  When I gave him his stuffed prairie dog he smiled at it, grabbed it, and waved it around.

It may be silly but I was so proud of Carter.  He didn't exactly do anything other than sit in my lap as I read him books and ride in his stroller or get carried around at the library, but I was proud none the less.  I know this is just the first of many medals he will receive from the summer reading program and I am so glad I have the opportunity to teach him how important and fun reading is!  Now I just have to watch out for his new stuffed animal because Harper was very interested in it!


  1. That prairie dog cracks me up! Carter's like, "Oh, just straight chillin' with my prairie dog, no big deal." What have been some of your favorite books? We're looking for some new reads!

    1. Haha, it's pretty cute! As a 1st grade teacher, I am totally obsessed with children's literature. I've been trying to branch out this summer and read books I've never read before. My favorite new one so far was called "Otter and Odder" by James Howe. I had read "Scaredy Squirrel" before, but they are super cute. And anything by Mo Willems, he is hilarious!