Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Ty!

The day I met Ty I went home thinking he was such a great guy.  The more I got to know him the more amazing I realized he was.  He always had a smile on his face.  The kind of smile that no matter what kind of a mood you’re in, you can’t help but smile back.  We started dating soon after and he was always doing things just to brighten my day.  With each milestone and next step in our lives together a new layer of his personality is revealed and I discover a whole new level of amazingness. 
The face I fell in love with!
He has been such an amazing dad from the moment we found out we were pregnant.  Every single doctor’s appointment he was there beside me.  The monthly appointments to the bi-monthly, he always made it work.  He induldged my continuous requests for pictures and even took every weekly bumpdate picture.

From the very beginning he made our baby a priority.  He was there the first time we saw Carter’s little half-inch long body.  We listened to Carter’s heartbeat together.  We watched his heart pumping blood through his body.  We held hands and looked away from the screen as our doctor checked Carter’s gender.  

Throughout our entire pregnancy it was always we and our.  It was never my pregnancy or my appointment.  People joked that when I was in labor I might turn on Ty, but I just never felt that way.  It was never what he did to me, it was always what we created together.  The day Carter was born he was the one packing the hospital bag while I was calmly getting ready for the day.  He was right beside me walking the halls, holding my hand, breathing with me.

When I first saw Ty with Carter I was moved by the love I saw in his eyes.  He had been a dad for 9 months, watching our baby grow and loving him with every ounce of his being.  Much of that love was put into Carter’s room and taking care of me.  Now we had our baby to pour our love into and it was an amazing thing to see.
I love watching Ty with Carter and seeing what an amazing dad he is.  When Carter smiles, he smiles.  When Carter laughs, he laughs.  When Carter cries, he goes into business mode.  He gets so excited for each milestone and looks forward to what is to come.  I know as Carter grows and develops, Ty’s love will continue to grow and develop as well.  When I see him holding Carter I can tell he is itching to teach him.  To give him those skills and life lessons his dad gave him.  To show him how to be a great man, a loving husband, and the best dad possible.

I look back at where it all began.  The day that we first met.  I knew in that moment Ty was a keeper, but he proves to me more every day how true that really is.  I love him so much and I am very proud of the dad his is now and the dad I know he will become.  Happy Father’s Day, baby!  

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