Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Day of Firsts

When I signed Carter up for the summer reading program we were given a booklet with all the programs offered.  As I looked through it I was so excited to see many libraries offered a "My First Storytime".  I found the library closest to our house that offered the storytime for newborns to 2 year olds.  I put it into the calendar on my phone and eagerly awaited going for the first time.

Today was the day.  We arrived at the library and as we walked in I saw a meeting room with some small children listening to a story.  I knew we were early, but I panicked thinking I had the time wrong.  I went to the front desk and asked if "My First Storytime" was held in the meeting room.  They said it was, so I walked in and sat down with Carter on my lap.
Excited and ready for storytime.
As we were listening to the story I looked around at the other children and noticed they all looked older than 2.  It was at that time I realized the preschool storytime must be right before the one we were there to attend.  So I accidentally crashed the wrong storytime and felt a bit awkward about it.

After the end of preschool storytime parents began to arrive with their younger children.  Carter was still by far the youngest baby there.  Most of the other parents there were talking and seemed to already know each other.  They must do a storytime during the school year or something and I felt like the odd man out. 

The library employee came in and began to spread board books on the floor for children to look at as they waited.  I read a few board books to Carter and then storytime began.  I was surprised that as she began to read, Carter stared at her.  He was all eyes for the book and the pictures until other children made noises, then he would turn and stare at them.  I really wanted to take some pictures of Carter watching the reader, but I didn't want to be that crazy mom taking pictures of her child when no one else was. 

She mixed up reading books with singing some songs.  Carter seemed to enjoy the songs and the other kids danced and laughed.  It was so precious to watch.  I was very proud of Carter.  He was such a good boy the entire time.

When storytime was over we turned in books and checked out some new ones.  It was getting close to Carter's naptime so he was starting to get a little bit fussy.  I plan to take him again next week as long as it doesn't interfere with naptime.  He woke up from a nap just in time to go today.

Storytime wasn't our only first today.  This morning during a diaper change Carter grabbed his foot and got it in his mouth.  I wasn't able to get a picture of him with his foot in his mouth, but I did catch him with a good grip on his foot.  The craziest part of being a parent is the silly things you get excited about.  I proudly texted Ty to tell him Carter put his foot in his mouth.  When I really think about it, is that actually something to be proud of?  I imagine a parent of one of my students proud that their child can put their foot in their mouth.  Hmmm... now that would be strange!

Side note:  Look at the grip he has with his left hand.  He tends to grab things with his left hand, suck his left thumb, and have a better grip with his left hand.  I was starting to wonder if he will end up left handed.  Then Ty's grandma mentioned it, so I know I'm not just imagining it.  Maybe he'll be a leftie after all.  Some of my co-workers joked Carter would be a leftie when I was pregnant because he was always poking on my left side.  It would be funny if it turned out to be true!  

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