Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bottle Soap: 1, Our Family: 0

Napping with Uncle Jeremy

This weekend we had a great time visiting my family.  Sunday always comes too quickly and I never want to pack up and leave.  I got a migraine early in the morning which made me even less motivated to pack up and leave.  We wanted to leave around 5 to make sure we made it home in time for Carter’s bedtime routine.  Five o’clock came and went.  Around 5:30 I finally got motivated to pack up, but did so in a migraine induced daze.  We left at 6, putting our arrival time later than we’d hoped.
Hangin out with Uncle Tommy
We were just pulling off the highway a few minutes from home when my mom texted me to let me know we forgot Carter’s bottle soap at their house.   Of course I had forgotten something!  

When it comes to Carter I feel like I’m fairly laid back, although I may be using that wording loosely.  I don’t freak out when I pick him up from daycare with scratches on his head, from his own fingernails, but still could be upsetting.  I wash his clothes in regular detergent because it hasn’t bothered his skin.  I don’t worry when a toddler pats his head with a little bit too much force.  I at least try to be calm.  What goes into his mouth, now that’s another story!  I’m very particular.  I will not wash his bottles with regular dish soap.  I am very attached to BabyGanics Dish and Bottle Soap.  I will not use anything else.
So we pull back onto the highway and head to Target where I’ve bought the soap in the past.  Not only do they not have it, they no longer carry it.  At this point it’s nearing 9:00 and I still have a migraine thumping around just below the surface of my forehead which makes me more emotional. 
Ty, the calm person he always is, drops us off at home and heads off to Baby’s R Us which according to their website is open until 9:30.  I get a text back that Baby’s R Us and Buy Buy Baby are both closed.  He heads to Super Target because the worker at Target who helped him look for the soap when he couldn’t find it suggested he try a Super Target.  Still no soap!  

I receive the following text: Might just find a car with a baby on board sticker on the car in the driveway and break into their house.  They might have some…  

Which reminds me of one more reason why I love my husband.  He finds the humor in situations in which I do not and is able to use that to help me calm down.

Finally he heads to Wal-Mart which still doesn’t have our regular soap but at least has a special soap for babies.  Thank goodness for that!
Moral of the Story:  Stock up on baby dish soap and never put a baby on board sticker on your car, it may result in a robbery!

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