Sunday, April 7, 2013

Socks, Leg Warmers, and a Surprise!

This morning when I got out of bed I looked down and saw these poor, battered, old socks on my feet.  I smiled at the memories they brought to mind.  The morning Carter was born I was wearing them.  I decided to wear boots to the hospital and it didn’t even cross my mind to change my socks.  For some reason I didn’t think about how many people would see them throughout the day!  

The left sock has a hole from a game of tug of war between dogs.  The right sock has a splatter of red paint from when I painted our master bathroom.  Ty will be the first to tell you I never get rid of socks.  I don’t know why, but I hate spending money on socks…  I’m weird.  Now that one of the best days of my life is connected to this pair, there’s no way these socks are going anywhere!

When we first checked into the hospital the nurse was a bit concerned and asked about the sock thinking the red paint was blood.  I looked down, laughed, and as I explained what it was thought, really should’ve changed my socks this morning!  Then I made a mental note to wear cute socks next time around.  After Carter was born another nurse noticed the paint and thought blood had somehow gotten on my sock.  Although very possible, I again explained what the red spot was.  I never would have expected the sight of a pair of socks to make me giggle, but these sure do now!

I put Carter in his leg warmers instead of pants today.  As I put them on I was shocked by how skin tight they were.  I thought back to when they didn’t stay up very well because they were so loose.  Now they slide down because his thighs are too big and they roll downward.  I had to find a picture of him in his leg warmers before to compare to how they looked today.  Love my chunky monkey and his chunk a monk thighs!

Seeing his chubby thighs made me wonder how much he weighs.  I went in to weigh him and put him in the bassinet as I stepped on the scale by myself first so I’d be able to subtract my weight from my weight with him.  I gave out a screech as the numbers popped up on the display and I clapped as I went to get Carter out of the bassinet.  I couldn’t believe it, I had lost another pound!  Now I’m just 3 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight!  Woot woot!  What an amazing feeling!  Then I stepped on the scale with Carter.  My big boy is up to 15 pounds.  I’m excited for his well baby appointment on Friday to see how much he has grown!

Here’s to an exciting Sunday.  What did you do today?


  1. What a difference, and another pound, you went down, he went up, good work. :)

    1. So true! He just keeps getting bigger! I'm excited for his appointment on Friday.