Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Pound Bites the Dust!

I was so excited when I was back down to within 5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight a few weeks after Carter was born.  I was thinking this losing weight thing may not be as hard as I expected…  Then I hit a plateau.  It was like 5 pounds was the magic number.  I was building up my running and exercising, no change in weight.  I was eating healthier, still no change in weight.  I gave in to the realization that this 5 pounds may stick around for a while.  If for no reason other than to remind me, hey you just had a baby!  Like I could forget.

This past week I stepped on the scale and my heart skipped a beat.  Could it really be?  Was it true?  It may have taken nearly 3 months, but I finally did it.  I lost another pound!  I didn’t believe it so I stepped back on the scale.  The numbers still showed I was within 4 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight.  This must be a fluke.  The scale has to be messed up, it can’t be true.  In disbelief I weighed myself again the next day.  Still the same!  I couldn’t believe it, another pound gone!

Now I’m starting to think my original goal to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by this summer may actually be achievable.  I was starting to believe it was a far off dream.  I made a deal with Ty (actually with myself, but told Ty to hold me accountable) that if I’m back down to my pre-pregnancy weight by summer I get to buy a new swimsuit.  Which for all the poor other souls out at the pool or wherever I will be wearing it, let’s hope I can pull this off because I’m not sure I can fit into any of my bikini tops without causing embarrassment to myself and anyone within my vicinity.

I lost 1 pound in almost 3 months, now here’s to losing 4 more in the next 2 months.  Let’s see if it’s doable!

My sweet boy loves to run!
I can’t leave you without sharing a cute Carter story!  Today on our run Carter was awake the entire time, unusual for him now that he’s going to daycare (he doesn’t nap as well there).  When I would talk to him he would look up at me and smile.  He knows the way to his mommy’s heart!  We ran over a really bumpy section of the trail and he bounced around quite a bit.  He broke out into a giant open-mouthed grin that I call his “trying to laugh” grin.  I could just picture him a month down the road just giggling as he was jostled up and down.  Man, I love my happy, smiley boy!  I think we may have a future roller coaster enthusiast on our hands!

But mommy, why do we have to stop?
And just because it’s too cute to keep to myself, Carter with his Sophie the Giraffe.  

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