Friday, April 5, 2013


Lunchtime snuggles with my boy!
This week I had meetings at lunchtime on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our time together was really rushed, but it sure made me appreciate our lunch lovie time even more!  I get sad thinking of the day when Carter starts noticing and crying when I leave.  At that point lunchtime visits will be not be worth the stress they will cause him when I leave.
Why am I out here?
It got up to 70 degrees today so Carter and I went outside when we got home.  He always seems a bit confused about his surroundings.  I love walking him around, telling him what everything is, and having him feel the textures of different objects.  He always looks so curious when I rub his hand on the bark of a tree or across the petals of a flower.
What is this in my hand?
I put a dandelion up for him to smell.  He's a smart boy because he didn't smile at it like he did the roses I had from Valentine's Day.  I was surprised when he reached out and grabbed a hold of it.  He held onto the flower up until Ty got home.  He must have enjoyed the texture of it.  I was so tempted to rub it on his palm to "see if he likes butter" just like we did as kids.
Still hanging onto his dandelion!
I love watching Ty interact with Carter.  When we went inside he was holding Carter up on his feet and Carter was pushing off with surprising strength.  I watched with a smile from ear to ear the entire time and didn't think to video until Carter was not having it anymore.  It's still pretty precious though!
Harper and Skippy love it when it's warm enough to open our new windows.  My parents got them for us for Christmas.  They both love to take in all the sights and smells on the other side of the window.