Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Miracle

One of my co-workers just had her son at 28 weeks gestation.  When I heard the news she was in labor, it really got me thinking.  I’ve always believed pregnancy, labor, and delivery is all such a miracle.  How does a cell the size of a pen tip grow into something as complex as a baby?  How does the female body expand to house a 5-9 pound baby and all that goes along with it?  How does a woman’s body know to begin contractions?  How does it all work?  It is completely mind boggling and amazing.  With everything that can go wrong, how does it go right so much of the time?  

Throughout my pregnancy I was amazed at my body.  I couldn’t believe my skin could stretch to such proportions and not have any marks to show for it.  I was amazed that I could still run.  Every time we had an ultrasound and I looked at Carter growing and changing, I couldn’t believe how big he was and how human he looked.  
When I went into labor I was again amazed.  My body was in control and I was just along for the ride.  I didn’t do anything other than walk to get things going.  My only choice was how I would respond to the pain.  As Carter’s birth grew closer my body began to work all on its own to push him out.  I had always thought when it came time to push I would have to focus and work hard and really strain.  When it came down to it I didn’t even know it was time yet.  My muscles just started working along with the contractions to push Carter out.  It was then my job to hold him in, at least until the doctor arrived!
Now Carter is 4 months old and I am amazed at how my body has recovered.  Granted I’m still carrying some extra weight, but my running is getting back to normal.  Sometimes when I’m running I forget I had a baby recently.  I have to remind myself to give my body a break.

Every day when I look at Carter I can’t help but think about what a miracle he is.  How it all began with 2 cells coming together at just the right time.  He is perfect, everything about him.  I look at him and I still can’t believe he is here; this perfect, little baby for me to nurture and help grow.  To read to.  To love.  I am a mom.  Ty is a dad.  This is our life.  And everything is just right.  

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