Monday, April 29, 2013


 We had all been really excited for the Get Busy Livin’ 5K.  Saturday morning we woke up to constant rain.  My mom had planned to walk the course with Carter but I was worried about him being out in the rain.  I really didn’t want him getting wet and cold.  Ty quickly turned into McGyver pulling random objects from his car and was able to use a bungee cord to fasten an umbrella to Carter’s stroller.
My goal for the race was to run faster than my time of 23:18 from last year.  I finished in 23:06, just barely beating that time.  Good for 2nd out of 70 in my age group.  At first I was disappointed I hadn’t run a little bit faster, but the course had lots of turns which really slowed me down!

We had quite the showing with my older brother, Jeremy, winning his age group with a time of 19:57.  My dad also won his age group finishing in 22:46.  My younger brother, Thomas, was 21st/59 in his age group and Ty was 44th in the same age group.  Mom was 15th/18 in her age group walking due to her recent knee scope.

Like last year we had planned to run the Gorilla Dash, an obstacle course race, later in the day.  We were disappointed to show up at 3:30 for the 4:00 heat only to find they had closed the course early.  I guess due to the rain they didn’t have many racers, so they shut down.

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  1. Awesome finish! Also, I love the umbrella solution! Ty rocks!

    1. Yes, he does! And all this time I just wasn't running when it rained!

  2. Found you via the domestic wannabe - way to go on your race! Your time was AWESOME. Be proud!