Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Ready to Be a Warrior!

Last year Ty and I ran a race called the Gorilla Dash (basically a less difficult version of the Warrior Dash) on a whim.  We ran a 5K in the morning and there was a booth set up to register for the Gorilla Dash going on that afternoon.  Since we ran the race in the morning we could get a discount at the Gorilla Dash.  Ty talked my mom and dad into doing it with him and I agreed to do it as well.  It was designed for 6 person teams and one obstacle was a Humvee pull which was difficult with just 4 people!  We had a blast, especially running through the mud pits!  After we finished I couldn’t wait to do another one and Ty was hooked on obstacle course races.  He started searching and found quite a few near us.  We registered for the Warrior Dash and Hillbilly Mud Run and Ty was looking into the Tough Mudder.

I was so excited for both races, but found out I was pregnant shortly after we registered.  I called the doctor and he advised I not run them.  I was actually pregnant when I ran the Gorilla Dash, but didn’t know it.  I was disappointed, especially when I was standing around watching everyone else, but I knew it wasn’t safe to do in the first trimester.    

So I’ve been really looking forward to the Warrior Dash this year!  I added some strength training to my workouts to prepare for the obstacle portion of the course.  I’m not big on weight lifting and have a hard time sticking with it.  So I’ve already started slacking.  I was lifting with free weights which I would do in front of the TV at night after Carter went to sleep.  I also added in some planks.  I did planks religiously during pregnancy, just hadn’t picked it back up yet.  Running with Carter in the stroller really works my core and my arms, so I’m hoping that will also help.  Not to mention lifting Carter and carrying him around, surely that’s helped too.
I'm excited to be part of it this year.
We’ll see how the Warrior Dash goes and maybe next up on the list of obstacle races will be the Tough Mudder.  Ty and my dad did it in October 2012, more about that race here.  I wasn’t interested initially due to the segments with electrical shocks and the pool of ice water, but after seeing videos from their race, I’m thinking about it.

If you are interested, you can read more about the Warrior Dash here and the Tough Mudder here.

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