Saturday, April 20, 2013

Momma the Worry Wart

I will be the first to admit that I worry about Carter A LOT.  Sometimes my worry is justified, other times not so much.  I tend to think about things too much.  Then I start coming up with worst case scenarios and picturing them and scaring myself.  I’ve been really worried about Carter due to his cold and congestion.  Everything else tends to be magnified due to that.

Carter is a really heavy sleeper.  I can go in at nighttime, give him kisses, and he doesn’t wake up.  Last night I went in, pulled my hair back to lean in and kiss him, and heard a noise.  It sounded like metal hitting the side of his crib.  I felt my earring and noticed the back was gone.  When I had pulled my hair back, it knocked the back of my earring off.

I started to worry.  And the following conversation ensued.

Me: What if Carter rolls over, grabs the back of the earring, puts it in his mouth and chokes during the night?

Ty: Carter can’t even grab a pacifier and put it in his mouth.  How is he going to get the back of an earring?

Me: Okay, what if he rolls over with his mouth open where the earring back is and it happens to go in his mouth?

Ty: It’s not going to because we will go in and find it.

Ty grabbed a flashlight and shone it on the floor as we searched inside the crib and on the floor.  We couldn’t find it anywhere.  I thought about just leaving it, but I was too worried.  I took my finger and ran it along Carter’s side very gently so as not to wake him up.  Then I bent down and saw it resting against his neck.  Thank goodness I kept looking for it.  Another night, another crisis averted!

Just for fun another look comparison of Ty and Carter.
Picture of Ty courtesy of GGG (Great Grandma Gail)

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