Sunday, March 31, 2013

Carter's First Easter

All dressed up and posing with his Easter goodies!

Wednesday my mom called to ask what our plans were for this weekend.  Ty had a race he was already registered for, so we were planning on staying in town.  She suddenly had a strong desire to be with Carter for his first Easter, so my parents decided to visit us.  Thomas also came.

We had a great day.  When Carter got up I took him into his room and we played just the two of us while Ty boiled eggs to dye later.  I always love Carter/mommy time!  My dad woke up and came in to play with us and the fun for the day began.

The Easter Bunny brought Carter lots of goodies!  His Easter basket was filled with some items he needed, a couple of books, and a stuffed animal.  He now has 6-9 month long-sleeved white onesies, a travel wipe container for his diaper bag, two more pairs of cloth diapers, and a couple new pacifiers.  From his Hurford Grandparents he got two books and a rabbit stuffed animal.  

Last weekend he received goodies from his Cox Grandparents.  Thanks to them he is stocked up on summer clothes!  I look at the clothes and can’t believe how soon he will fit into them.  Time sure flies!  He also got an adorable singing stuffed animal toy from his Cox Great Grandparents. 

After all of the Easter basket fun he and I prepared for a run and my dad decided to go with us.  It was a perfect, sunny, 70 degrees.  We enjoyed an easy run at conversational pace.  When we returned, we ate a delicious Easter lunch prepared by Ty, my mom, and Thomas.  Afterward Carter and I created another holiday craft this time using his feet.  We made Easter bunnies.  They turned out pretty darn cute!

Dying Easter eggs came next.  Carter was in the middle of the table on a blanket as we all sat around him and dyed our eggs.  Well Ty only dyed half of an egg and then decided to crack it open and eat it.  Carter smiled, and cooed while kicking his legs and looking around.

Last year on Easter we had The Car Ride That Changed Our Lives.  That day, April 7th, as we drove home from visiting Ty’s family we had the conversation that ultimately led to Carter.  It seems like that was forever ago, but at the same time I can’t believe it has been a whole year.  How blessed we have been in the short time since that day!

Carter’s first Easter was a great one!  What did you do for Easter?

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