Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yesterday and Today in Pictures

Yesterday at lunch Carter was asleep when I got there.  I took a picture of him sleeping, stood there for about 2 minutes, and then he woke up.  It was like he sensed I was there, so he got up to eat.
Our noontime snuggles make being a working mom so much easier!
I love checking Daily Literacy Notebooks because of the random things students write at Work on Writing.  This brought the biggest smile to my face!
Bought this onesie at a garage sale and I love it... and his chubby thighs!
The new facility Carter's daycare moved into is fabulous.  They also got updated toys and furniture.  It's so precious because they no longer use high chairs, they have a short table with bitty chairs.  They must feel so grown up!  Today when I arrived to feed him at lunchtime he was hanging out in this toy.  Most of the triangles on the outside have mirrors.
Milk coma!
Today it was 70 degrees so Carter and I went out for some playtime when we got home.  He still isn't so sure about how bright the sun is, but he loves to look at the world around him.

As I was making my smoothie I listened to Ty in the other room laughing at Archer.  The sound of his laughter does my heart good.  I can only imagine how it will feel to hear Carter giggle for the first time.  I know it will be soon, he is getting close!
I'll leave you with a picture of my loves!

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