Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying a special treat, eating lunch in the living room while watching a show.
Driving his car at the splash pad.
He found a new use for his hat.
Got her thumb!
Ice cream treat!
Daddy and Elise napping together!
Making a choo choo on the train tracks.
Erin holding Elise.
Casey holding Elise.
Will checking Elise out.
Mr. Jones showing his patriotism!
Playing with snakes.
She was crying so I distracted her with the camera.
My babies wake up so happy!

Searching for her hand.
Found it!
Look alikes!
Now she grabs her paci and plays with it.
Waking Uncie Taco up.
She got cold.
Walking Bobbie
Storytime at the library.
Elise trying out Addison's crib.
Elise and Addison playing together.
Hayden loving on his sister.
Carter holding Addison and Elise's hands at the same time.

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