Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Afternoon "coffee"!

Elise and Addison ready for the zoo.
Strollin at the zoo.

This fan has been a lifesaver this summer!

She rolled and got herself stuck!

Carter said, "Sissy's tasting my finger!"

My helpers while I made dinner/tripped over them!

Facetiming Oma and Opa to tell them about pooping in the potty.

My handsome husband!

Harper snuck a kiss in while Elise was trying out the sand.

Grabbing her pacifier.

She is the best little model!

I loved the coral headband with the coral accents on her outfit.

Showing off her booty ruffles!

Wild group shot!

Taking a break at the park for a snack.

Uncie Taco putting up the flag Oma made for our fort.

I surprised Ty by dressing Carter in a matching outfit!

I asked Carter what happened to our rug and he said the chair got stuck, one way to solve the problem!

He loved playing in my parents' poodle's kennel.

She was actually putting her feet through the slats on the crib and pushing off the wall!

Carter took Elise's socks off her feet and put them on his hands, then he pretended to feed Fezzik out of his bath bucket.

Zonked out for our car ride.

Doing "work" at Oma and Opa's house.

Watching Oma pack for our trip.

Playing games on
Enjoying an ice cream to celebrate mommy and daddy's anniversary.

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