Friday, July 31, 2015

Funny Stuff Carter Says

I really should change these to Stuff Carter Says. Although a lot of it is funny some of it is just something he said that was so cute I want to always remember it. His sense of humor is really developing and a lot of times he says stuff just to make us laugh.
Me: For Father's Day on Sunday you get to go on a daddy date with just daddy.
Carter: Daddy date for Father's Day? That will be great!

"Oma, Opa visiting? That will be fun!"

"Great job making dinner daddy!"

Me: Do you wanna go see Hayden today?
Carter: Oh yes, that be fun! Go on Tuesday?
Me: Yes, today is Tuesday.

Me: Do you want to go to storytime?
Carter: Oh yes! I love storytime!

Elise was crying in the car so Carter started singing to her and she stopped crying.
Elise: crying again
Carter: No more singing, sissy!
Elise: continues to cry
Carter: Ok, sissy! Then he starts singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Carter: Sissy, stop sleeping! It's light outside, not dark bedtime!
Me: Sissy sleeps a lot right now, doesn't she? When she gets older she'll only take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Then when she gets even older she'll just take an afternoon nap like you.
Carter: Sissy not big. Sissy baby. Sissy takes one nap like Carter when she big?
Me: That's right and she'll be awake a lot more.
Carter: Then sissy can play with Carter. She play cars with me and sing with me. That be fun!

We had checked out a lullaby book from the library. I couldn't remember the words exactly so I made them up a little as I sang to Elise. Later in the day I sang it by reading from the book.
Carter: No, that not right! That not true!
I guess he liked my made up words better!

"Mommy, you my friend. I love play with you. It fun." Melt my heart!

While driving in the car on our way to the park.
Carter: You grumpy today, mommy.
Me: I'm grumpy?! I start wracking my brain trying to think of what I did that morning that may have been grumpy.
Carter: No, you not. I just kidding! Then he starts laughing!

He was telling me he didn't want to nap and trying to get out of a nap.
Carter: Mommy, no lay Carter down.
Me: Carter you need to take a nap that way you'll have energy to play with me in the afternoon. You are going to take a nap, sissy's going to take a nap, and I'm going to take a nap.
Carter: Not me!

Carter: Where Nolan? Nolan play cars with Carter. Hayden play cars with Carter and Erin and you. Hayden, Erin, mommy, Carter all play cars. Sissy not play cars. She not boy yet. When she grows up and is boy, she play.
Me: Sissy will always be a girl, even when she grows up. She just needs to get bigger to play cars with you.
Carter: Oh, sissy girrrl! Oma girl. Harper girl, Zuma girl, Keeners girl. You boy mommy?
Me: No I'm a girl.
Some days he seems to totally get it, other days he doesn't!

Me: Carter, would you like more grapes or canteloupe?
Carter: No, thank you though.
I thought it was so cute because he normally just says no, thank you.

While sticking his finger in Elise's mouth.
"Sissy tasting Carter's finger! Oooohh, sissy, that tickles. Ouch sissy!"

I was carrying Carter in to lay him down for a nap.
Me: Carter you are so much fun. I had a blast with you this morning!
Carter: 1, 2, 3 BLAST OFF! 

Carter was crawling around in my parents' backyard pretending to be a dog.
Carter: Doggy want bucket.
Me: Okay, but don't put it in your mouth, it's dirty. He had just watched Fezzik carry it around in his mouth.
Carter: Put it in my hands... Put it in my paws.

I was running with the kids in the double stroller. 
Carter: Mommy, you running around?
Me: Yes, I am.
Carter: You running around being crazy?!

Carter: Sissy still little.
Me: That's right, but it won't be long until she's big like you.
Carter: And then she can eat apples, mimis (that's what he still calls bananas), and candy bars!

"That's a good dea!" Meaning idea

"That's not my favorite." He says this all the time! Usually about a book he doesn't want to read!

We were on a walk with Harper when a couple dogs started barking at us.
"Mommy, those dogs driving you crazy?"

"That's amazing!" is a big one right now and he'll use it as a question too. He'll point something out and say, "Mommy, that amazing?"

While I was making dinner one night Carter got a new outfit and started changing all by himself, even putting shoes on.
Carter: I getting dressed up.
Me: I see that, what for?
Carter: For daddy when he come over!

I want to record some cute ways he pronounces words that I haven't documented yet.

Blueberry is bluebay 
Videos is wegos and I'm sometimes tricked into thinking he said Legos
Living room sounds like reedin room
For helicopter he says airplanecopter
Sweet potatoes are sweet po-tables
Elephant in elephalant

Then there's the mixing up of pronouns that cracks me up:
"What her doing?"
"You want to come with we?"

Funny Stories:

He was coloring and all the sudden brought me a towel asking me to put water on it. Then he went over to his picture and started wiping on a spot where he colored outside the lines and sadly exclaimed, "Oh, not working!"

He was reading a book and would stop to point at shapes, asking me what shape they were. When I responded he told me, "Good job, mommy!"


  1. Very sweet! My grandmother told me to write things down that you guys said, so I could remember them. I always planned to, and did a few times, but not enough. I know I've forgotten a lot that was so cute.

    1. Even writing them down I still forget a lot before I have the chance to write them down!