Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Letter to Elise at 4 Months

I write this letter as I lay next to you in bed. I woke up from a nap before you and your brother so I have the luxury of watching you sleep. You are the sweetest little thing. Your arms are up over your head, bent at the elbows to make a triangle. I can hear the soft inhale and exhale of your breath. Every once in a while your eyelids twitch or you make sucking movements with your mouth as you sleep. I love your little nose and your long eyelashes and don't get me started on your chubby cheeks! As precious as you are to look at, that's nothing compared to how much fun you are to observe. You have such a sweet personality and an expressive face! I love that when you hear my voice you instantly snap to attention, looking for me. When your eyes come across my face you light up. The smile you give me with your mouth wide open and your tongue lifted, I swear it would melt the coldest of hearts!

I know it's silly but I still can't believe you are a girl. I always wanted a girl so badly and was convinced I would end up with all boys. Not that I don't love boys, Carter is so awesome, but having one of each is so perfect! While I change your diaper I still giggle with excitement that you have girl parts! I'm sure you will be embarrassed to know that when your older, but it conveys a little bit how much I treasure having you and having a girl! I know there's something special about having a boy and something special about having a girl and I am so excited I get to experience both! In that way and so many more you are the perfect 2nd child for us. You are so easy going and such a good sleeper! We do most of our play dates and activities in the morning. So much so that you actually seem to nap better on the go in the morning because that's what you're used to. You also fuss/soothe yourself to sleep so well! I can put you in your crib or pack n play with a pacifier and you put yourself to sleep almost every time. The last couple nights I've bathed you and put you in your crib while I've bathed Carter and you are asleep by the time he's out of the tub. Sometimes it takes a little rocking from daddy. Last night you slept the first 6 hours of the night in your crib! You still mostly sleep in the pack n play in our room at night because I like the proximity. I worry less and I don't have to get out of bed to go feed you which is marvelous. I've told myself I'm waiting until you sleep through the night or are only up once a night to switch you over, but honestly I've just been waiting until I was ready. I think I'm ready now so that change will be happening at the beginning of this next month. You do so well in your crib and are waking just once or twice most nights. You've even slept 7 hours straight, from 11 pm-6 am! I'm looking forward to that becoming a regular occurrence!

I am amazed at how social you are. You still want to laugh so badly but instead make a screeching noise while smiling with your mouth wide open. You were so close to laughing today. I had you laying in my lap and I used your feet to cover my face and then pulled them to the side saying peek-a-boo! I'd say you got a little giggle out but not a full fledged laugh yet. We got to spend some more time with Addison this month and you actually grabbed and held her hand. You talked to each other screeching back and forth. You try to have conversations with us by screeching and making noises back to us as we talk. You say goo a lot which Carter loves to mimic when he pretends to be a baby. You love, love, love Carter. He always gets a smile from you and you love watching him. His new thing is giving you Eskimo kisses and playing peek-a-boo right up in your face. Seeing your relationship evolve and how sweet it is makes me re-think wanting to have another baby. I'm not sure I want to throw another baby in the mix and throw off such a good thing! But the thought of you as my last baby. The thought of these milestones being the last time I experience them with a child of my own, I cry from a place deep in my heart with longing to do it all again. I think a lot of that is due to what an amazing baby you are and how seamless the transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 has been. So many people talked about how hard it was but it was just so natural for us. Thank you for that, little love!
Carter wanted his super teddy bear in the pictures.

Mobility has been your biggest change this month. You still kick, squirm, and flail your arms pretty much constantly when awake. Now you have thrown rolling in the mix. Sometimes you lay without rolling the entire time you're on the floor. Other times you take off rolling like you are trying to get somewhere, rolling 2-3 times in a row. I'm curious to see if you'll be the big roller your brother was! You can roll both tummy to back and back to tummy. I have yet to catch you on video because the minute I get my phone out you are perfectly content just how you are. The first time you rolled from back to tummy was in the middle of the night. I laid you on your back in the bed to change your diaper and, boom, you rolled over! My favorite was when you were on your activity gym and rolled a few times in a row toward the corner and got stuck on the pole that goes across. I laughed so hard as you squirmed around trying to get free. You love to stand, often times on your tip toes, while being supported and also sit with help. You definitely prefer to stand though and will make your legs really stiff when you want to stand and I try to sit you down. You also grab for toys and like to hold them. Carter likes to take toys to you, especially when you are crying! One day you were crying and he took you your Dumbo stuffed doll and put it on your head. Other times he takes you toys that rattle or make noise. I love how you snuggle them to your chest, it's so cute! It's so much fun to watch you entertain yourself, playing with your hands or pulling on your pants, or grabbing your feet. You also grab hold of your pacifier while you suck it. Sometimes you pull it out of your mouth and then put it back in later. Other times you are holding onto it and accidentally pull it out which then makes you angry! We've watched you drop your pacifier out of your mouth in your sleep and then wiggle your head around until it goes back in your mouth, all seemingly still asleep! As much as you like your pacifier, you also love your thumb and seem to be starting to prefer it over your paci. I got out your jumperoo this month and you enjoyed moving your head around to look at all the toys even though you couldn't reach most of them. Carter was happy to turn the music on for you!

You are starting to enjoy your reflection more in mirrors now. You still prefer to stare at me in the mirror and study the faces I make but you now also look at yourself. When you catch a glimpse of yourself you stare so seriously! You are also getting more hair on the top of your head and the hair at your neckline is getting really long. We were joking that your first haircut will just be trimming your neckline. As your hair comes in it seems to be darker than Carter's. More like my brown color. Everyone says your eyes are more my color because they are lighter than Carter's. People stop me all the time to comment on your big, beautiful eyes! They are big and seem even bigger because you spend about 70% of your time wide eyed like you are surprised, it's hilarious! Take that and add the flash of a camera and it's almost impossible to get a picture of you without bugged out eyes!
Buggy eyes!
It makes me so happy that you already love to read! When you sit in my lap while I read you intently state at the book. You also like to hold the book and even attempt to turn the pages, especially the board book pages! I hope you always love to read! It is so much fun to snuggle you while we look through books. I also like to read you wordless picture books so I can point out things in the pictures and discuss them with you. Carter enjoys reading you wordless picture books because he can tell you what things are. He also likes to read you books I've read to him before because he remembers the words and will basically read you the book from memory. You are always a very content listener too! You also love baths now and love being naked even more! You splash around like crazy in the tub and love to watch Carter play if you are taking a bath together. When we give you a diaper change you kick around and squeal for pure joy of nakedness!

Your next appointment isn't until August 12th which will put you about a week away from 5 months so I again did your measurements. I measured you at 25 inches and 12.4 pounds. You are wearing 3 month clothes with a few 6 month pieces thrown in there. You are long and 3 month jammies are starting to get a little short but 6 month are big enough you can pull your arms and legs out of the sleeves and pants. You still wear size 1 diapers at night and cloth diapers during the day. I've stopped putting most of your headbands on you because they leave a mark on your head when I take them off so I feel like they can't be comfortable. I do put them on you occasionally and they look so adorable!

You experienced a few firsts this month. You had your first 4th of July and definitely didn't like the fireworks. They actually woke you up whereas Carter sleeps through them. I have a feeling you'll be more like me as a sleeper rather than like daddy and Carter, they can sleep through almost anything! I filled our kiddie pool with water, adding some warm water to make it warm enough for you and you enjoyed it for the first time. I sat in the water holding you and Carter kept insisting I get out and leave you in to play with him. He will love it when you are old enough for that! You also had your first trip to the swimming pool. I dipped your toes in but you thought it was too cold so you spent the whole time relaxing and sleeping in the shade.

Elise I am so glad you came into our lives and made our family that much happier and more full of love! You are such a good baby with a sweet nature and are a doll of a sister. Each month I tell your daddy you are so much more fun than the month before and I had forgotten how much fun that age was with Carter. You make me so happy and my heart is so full watching you with your brother. As much as I look forward to a full night's sleep, I love our special snuggle time while nursing in the middle of the night. I love you so much, sweet pie!

Now on to daddy:

Its so fun sitting with you at night talking to you and making faces to make you smile. You seem to always be smiling and I love it. Such a happy little girl and it is the best!

You have amazed me with your ability to soothe yourself and get back to sleep. It is not a quiet process, but it works for you and you are good at it. I can sleep while you do it, your mother cannot, so I guess it is not much help for her at night!
Rolling over is something that you have been working on lately, and you are getting pretty good at it. Only a matter of time before you are using it as a mode of transportation. You are also really close to being able to si

t up and that will be very fun!

Love you little girl!

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