Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I asked Carter to watch Elise when I left the room. He even gave her her pacifier.
Choosing a book with money he was sent as a big brother present.

Playing blocks with Dagger.

Elise meeting Karrie.

Dagger didn't like Amy holding Elise.

Alivia and Trevan checking Elise out.

Facetime with daddy!

Jeremy with both his cats.

Carter got ahold of the hose!

Erin and Addison.

Ready for the pool!

Carter checking in on the girls.

Elise loves her fan!

Checking out a bug Carter found in the grass.

Opa lounging in the pool.

Oma with Addison.

Bobbie got jealous.

Opa with the girls!

They both zonked out on the drive home!

When we got home Carter strapped himself into the wagon and asked to go on a ride.

The ambulance came for Every Hero Has a Truck at the library.

Playing at the library with Walter.

Listening to Sarah, Walter's mom, read a book.
Jelly bandit was eating jelly straight out of the jar when I came in.

He pointed it at me and said, "silly faces!" just like I had to him earlier.

Watching daddy mow while polishing off the crumbs of tortilla chips from dinner.

She looked so cozy!
I spilled a chocolate chip and didn't realize it until it had melted on Elise's head!

Blowing bubbles for sissy.

Watching the bubbles.

I swear he didn't actually hit her with it!

Reading at the library.

Throwing a water balloon at Oma.