Friday, July 17, 2015

4 Years!

7-9-11, such a special set of numbers for me. Not just consecutive odd numbers, but the day Ty and I joined together as husband and wife. The day we took our life together and made it official. We went from two separate I's to a we. Although I felt like we had done that long before our wedding day. I look back on that day just a mere 4 years ago but it seems a lifetime ago. I guess because it was a different life, a different me. It was the me before Carter. Before Elise. Before knowing what it was like to be a mom. It was the Ty I loved before even knowing what he was like as a father. Before seeing the look in his eyes as he held his newborn child in his arms. It was the Ty who had yet to help me shave my legs when my belly was so big I couldn't see everything, let alone bend over! The Ty who had yet to press and rub my hips as I went through childbirth. It was the Ty who had yet to be soaked with amniotic fluid. The Ty who knew nothing about breastfeeding or contractions or labor. And let's be honest, he now knows more than he probably would like to!
Elise almost looks like she's looking at the camera!
Our lives have changed so much in 4 years. We have experienced so much together. We bought a house and 2 cars, now a mini van. We have created life together 3 times. We have borne the loss of a pregnancy together. We have delivered 2 babies together. We have made difficult decisions. We have held hands. We have supported each other and held each other. Ty has given me the opportunity to stay home with our children.

Our lives are not what we had expected 4 years ago. I'd say they are better than I could have imagined. When I look back at our wedding day I am reminded of so many special moments, so much joy. I used to wish I could go back and relive our wedding day one more time more rested and able to appreciate it all a little bit more. I find I don't wish that any more. Now I wish I could relive the day each of our babies was born. That last victorious push before they entered the world. Holding them for the first time. Watching Ty meet them. Although I do love reliving our first dance in my mind as we dance to our song alone in the kitchen while our babies sleep or like this year with a baby sandwiched between us because the 3 minutes we wanted to dance were 3 minutes she absolutely, positively had to be held. Funny how life changes! When I look back at our reception photos I catch myself thinking how much more fun it would have been with Carter grooving on the dance floor. While I'm reminiscing I think back to our honeymoon and the simple, easy, laid back time it was. Just for a moment I wish I could be back there, sitting in the sand in a bathing suit, drink in hand, feet kicked up with nothing to do but hold Ty's hand and listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Before I can even finish picturing it I'm already imagining Carter digging in the sand. Then Elise pops up, sleeping on my chest with her arms drunkily hanging over my sides. My bikini changes to a one piece. My drink disappears. Quicker than you can say happy hour my fantasy has shifted to include my kids and let's be honest, it isn't much of a fantasy without them anyway. 4 years. 4 amazing years. And I wouldn't change a second!


  1. Elise does look like she's looking at the camera and watching very closely. And Carter's feet are talking like Hayden's. :)

    1. Too bad my hair was blowing around in that picture, huh?