Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Carter walking to feed ducks with Great Aunt Brenda.

Feeding the ducks with Great Aunt Brenda.

Watching the adolescent ducks with their parents.

Before Elise spit up all over her Great Uncle Marty.

He's always checking in on his sissy.

Carter asked to play with bubbles on our run.  Surprisingly it didn't end with bubble mix all over the stroller!

Carter said he was taking care of his babies.

He made the cat continuously meow and said, "Just let it cry."  Pretty sure he's heard that from his daddy!

He laid down and tucked in all his babies.

Showing me his babies all tucked in.

Playing with stickers on our drive to Gma and Gpa's.

He made them into earrings.

I went to sit by him and he asked for Harper to instead.

I wish I could wake up this happy!

His first hair cut at a salon.

Party dress for Papa's birthday party.

Wearing Gma's dress while sitting on her blanket.

Always bugging her eyes out!

Harper's position on the way home.

Her eyes seriously crack me up!

He pulled everything out of my organized closet to make a nest.

Waiting his turn to look inside the book mobile.

Carter picked out toys for her to play with in the backyard.

Ready to try out our little swimming pool for the first time.

Carter saw this picture and said she looked like a bunny rabbit!

In the pool!  Carter was disappointed I wouldn't get out and leave her in the pool with him.

Petting her on a run.

I forgot to strap him in and he had a blast!  Made it difficult to steer though.

Watching little tiny baby ducks.

Trying raspberry jelly from Gigi.  It was delicious!


  1. I love Elise's birthday party dress. And her eyes crack me up too! Ty has slimmed down so much I wasn't sure that was him in the first pictures. And of course, Carter is as cute as ever.

    1. Crazy, huh? Paul said he almost didn't recognize him at the airport and started to walk past him.