Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On Turning 30

As I typed that title I realized I'm not turning 30, I'm turning 29. When everyone around me starts having birthdays, Ty and my brothers, I start adding a year to my age. So I taught Carter I'm 29 and then as my birthday approached I had to remind myself I am not 29, I will be 29. When I think of the big 3-0, part of me is just like get on with it already. I know lots of people stress about 30 and just pretend to stop aging but I honestly don't care. I think there are quite a few reasons for that. So here's why 30 doesn't scare me!
Who cares about age when you have these 2 cuties to hang out with?!!
I look at my mom and my mother-in-law and they both look so good. I find myself looking at them at different times and thinking they look way too young to be grandmas! My mom is 58 and she makes it look darn good! She has also never been one to shy away from her age. Thanks to them I can look at each year with the joy I should. It's another year on this earth spent with those I love, doing what I love. Doesn't get any better than that.
My mom being silly wearing one of Elise's headbands. She makes 58 look good!
When I look at what I've accomplished so far I am content. I've traveled to Germany, India, and Thailand. I spent 6 years teaching and enriching the lives of children. I met and married an amazing man. I've had the joy of being pregnant and then birthing 2 children. Now I've reached the most exciting point in my life so far, spending my days exploring and seeing life through the eyes of a child, my child. Finger painting, digging in dirt, splashing in puddles, crawling through tunnels, peeking in fish tanks, reading books, getting kisses, and snuggling. 
I love watching Carter play!
I also love watching him read to Elise!
Have I traveled? A little bit. As much as I thought I would when I was younger? Hardly! Have I achieved riches? Not monetarily. Have I changed the world? Maybe in small, seemingly insignificant ways. But most importantly all through my 29 years of life I have been surrounded by love. The love of my parents, my brothers, my family, my friends, my students, and now my husband, in-laws, and children. I can't think of a better way to spend life. Some people think of life and want a life well lived. For me? I want a life well loved. Loved by those I choose to have in my life and those who have no choice. To show love to those who matter most and those I just meet for a moment. Because to me when it comes down to it all the world needs is love.
My love!
My babies!
I have the greatest family ever!

And amazing in-laws (only one side included here!)


  1. I enjoyed that! haha You do look good, and I love the picture of the four of you on the fort.

    1. I had already written this post when dad sent me that picture of you and I thought, perfect!