Monday, February 10, 2014

My Little Olympian

Normally Carter wakes up on his own around 7:00.  I haven't had to wake him up to get ready for work in a really long time which is great because I hate having to wake him up.  This morning I let him sleep in until 7:10, but eventually had to wake him up.  I was worried with the day we had yesterday and having to wake him up that he would be super fussy.  Surprisingly he wasn't!  I couldn't believe it when I laid him down for a diaper change and he actually laughed.  He was in great spirits all morning as we got ready so I decided to hold off on messaging the doctor and see how he did at daycare.  I called daycare during my plantime and got a great report.  Carter was playing really hard and acting normal.
Getting busy this morning!
When I picked Carter up he was in good spirits although he was tired because he only napped for 45 minutes.  What was my little boy thinking?!?  We had an Olympic-themed Family Fitness Night at school so I took Carter.  He really enjoyed seeing all the kids and watching them do the different games.  It was adorable!  Ice skating was skating around the gym on paper plates (if you have older kids this would be a super fun game to play, especially with all this weather keeping you from getting outside).  Luge and bobsled were both scooters taped together.  There was curling equipped with hockey pucks and brooms.  Ski jumping was a trampoline with an angled mat that looked like a triangle and mats set up against the angled mat.  When there was a lull in students at the ski jump, I let Carter bounce on the trampoline and scoot down the angled mat.  He had a blast!  He would scoot down the angled mat, crawl down the regular mats, turn around, and crawl up the angled mat.  The whole time he would laugh and smile.  I wanted to take a picture, but I was too busy watching for other students to come.  At one point a student came running from across the gym and I barely pulled Carter off the mat before the boy jumped on the trampoline.  It definitely made me nervous!
Having fun at daycare.

This morning when I started getting really down about leaving Carter at daycare I finally found a mindset that helped me actually enjoy my day at work.  I have been telling myself I just have a few months left and that just wasn't doing it.  This morning I told myself it's like how many months I was at work pregnant before Carter was born and I went on maternity leave.  I want to really enjoy my last months at work.  I don't want everyone to remember me as a grumpy, sad, down in spirits co-worker.  I'd rather pull it together and be cheery and make the most of these last few months.  It's time to really look at my students and enjoy them for who they are rather than wishing they were Carter.  I know next year there will be moments I miss my students and my job.  In those moments I will wish I had put my heart into my last few months and really appreciated the time for what an amazing job I have and the passion I have for what I do.  I don't want my co-teacher to miss me next year, but I definitely don't want her to be relieved I'm gone because my negativity was bringing her down.  I'm hoping I can get my mind right and hold onto this mindset.  Giving into the sadness of missing Carter makes me miserable, makes my co-workers not enjoy being around me as much, and keeps my students from seeing the love I have for them.  Here's to allowing my smile to spread past my face and voice and into my heart again tomorrow!
I love when Carter reaches out to hold my hand, just because.


  1. Sweet. Good attitude, and his picture at daycare was good. He looked healthy too, darn the faker.

    1. Glad that he fakes being well when he's sick rather than faking being sick when he's not!