Friday, February 28, 2014

Growing Pains

Mentally I know Carter's age.  Deep down I know he's going on 15 months.  I know he's over a year old, that he's working on walking, that he's becoming a big boy.  But there are still moments where I look at him and am suddenly shocked and taken aback at how big he is.  This morning when I laid him down on the changing table to change his diaper and took a step back to throw something in the dirty clothes, I turned back and saw his head touching the end on one side and his feet touching the end on the other side.  Later when I was cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast he crawled over and was looking at his jumperoo which he hadn't played in in months.  I put him in and couldn't believe how differently he played with it and how much bigger he was.  Then tonight when my parents arrived and my mom was holding Carter, I was shocked when he rested his head on her shoulder and his legs were stretched past her waist.  When did my boy get so big?!!?  I remember adults saying things like that to me all the time as a kid.  I would get so excited, run to the mirror, stare at myself, and be disappointed that I looked the same.  Now I'm on the other side and I totally get it! 

Playing peek a poo with friends a t daycare.

The best are the sweet moments when Carter reaches out and holds my hand.  This afternoon when we got home I had a migraine and wasn't feeling up to par.  Carter was tired and fussy.  I decided to take him into our bedroom to see if he wanted to rest for a little bit.  On our way down the hallway he reached out and wrapped his fingers around my hand.  Melts me every. single. time.  At what age will he no longer want to hold my hand?  That's when I'm going to really get choked up over how big he is! 


  1. Unfortunately that day will come! And when you ask for a kiss, Brody, I mean Carter, will tilt his head towards you so that YOU may kiss the top of his head ONLY! :)

    1. Oh goodness, well at least I can look forward to kisses if only on the top of the head! My mom said it was hard for her when she'd go in for a kiss and there would be stubble!