Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day #5

Today was our last of 5 built-in snow days.  They called school early last night and I excitedly dressed Carter in his special snow day outfit this morning.  I know if we have any more snow days we will have to make them up one way or another, either adding days to the end of the year or minutes to the end of the school day, but I'm still hoping for another day tomorrow.  Spending all day with Carter is just so amazing.  This morning I was vacuuming as he played alongside me.  Then I looked over and he was walking along holding onto his stand-up car.  I was so impressed with how much steadier he was walking with it than he had been last time he used it.  A couple times he ran it into the wall or furniture and would patiently maneuver it around until he was able to walk again.

Most of Carter's day was spent walking along with his car and bouncing on his red chair.  Those are definitely two of his favorite toys right now.  All day I just kept thinking that this will be my reality soon.  I will get to spend every day like I did today, playing with Carter, household chores, and snuggle time!
Bouncing on his red chair.
Checking out the snow!

Another positive from today was that I ran for only the 3rd time in 14 days!  First it was the stomach bug.  When I finally felt better I ran one day and then came down with a nasty cold the next day.  I tried running again and felt like my cold was moving into my chest.  Fearing it would turn into bronchitis I took 2 more days off this weekend.  I didn't have coughing fits during the night last night like I had, so I went for a run today.  It felt great and Carter enjoyed it as usual.  The sub-21 minute 5k I was working toward won't be happening this weekend like I'd hoped, but I'm glad to be running again!