Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The End of Summer

Summer is quickly coming to an end.  Tuesday is my first day back at work and our first day of school is Monday the 19th.  As sad as I am to see summer and my time at home with Carter go, I'm making the most of these last few days.  I'm not going up to school to work, I brought home some things I can work on at home while Carter naps.  The rest will just have to wait until next week during our teacher work day.

I'm so excited for these last few days and plan to pack in as much summer fun as humanly possible.  Yesterday I pulled out the baby pool and plan to get it back out today.  When I put Carter in the pool I was shocked that he wanted to sit up.  It made me nervous, but I let him sit all by himself.  
Of course I was right there by him with my hands up ready to catch him.  I just kept picturing him face planting into the water and I couldn't bear that thought.  When he would get tired from sitting up and splashing, he would just rest his arm on the side of the pool and chill for a little bit.  He looked so cute!
Just taking a break and resting.

When he finally wore out and wanted to lay down, I couldn't believe how much bigger he was than the first time we used the pool.  Two months later and he was almost touching one end with his toes and the other with his head!  He has grown so much and I feel so lucky to have been home with him to watch every moment. 

The way he played in the pool had also changed.  Before he was all about kicking his legs and splashing with his feet.  This time all he wanted to do was stare at the water and splash with his hands.  He splashed himself in the face a few times but didn't seem to mind.  To see pictures and video from his first time in the pool click here.

Even in the pool Carter's favorite toys are books!  I brought out a few of his bath books and he actually played with them.  I still haven't been successful in getting him to play with any other water toys.  I did my best to keep my legs out of pictures, but it's a small pool and it was hard.  Ty laughed when he realized I was in the pool with Carter.  Is he crazy?!?!  It was 100 degrees and with the heat index felt like 109.  Why would I sit anywhere else when there's cool water right next to me!?  I hope you all are having a great end to your summer too!  Are you excited to see it go or sad for it to end?
Carter loves to read!


  1. In the first picture he looks like you as a baby.

    1. I got really excited when I saw that picture because I thought so too!