Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Love...

Carter's shoe socks.  My parents got them for him and a few months ago one of them went missing.  When Ty moved all the furniture for our carpet installation, he found it.  Now if only I could justify putting them on Carter every day!

Our dishwasher magnet.  Ty's parents were visiting and we were all in the kitchen.  I turned and asked Ty if the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or dirty.  Then Ty's mom pulled out a present for me.  This has to be the cutest way to keep track of your dishes!  I get so excited to run the dishwasher so I can flip it over.  Then I get excited to empty the clean dishes so I can flip it back over.
Wearing my grandma's ring.  Anytime I look down at it I think of her and my grandpa and I love all the memories that flood my mind.  Carter loves how shiny it is.  He will reach for it and try to play with it.  When he does I always tell him who it belonged to and then I tell him a story about my grandma.  I want Carter to always know his great-grandparents.  They are all such amazing people. 
Redneck Crazy by Tyler Farr.  I told Ty I'm embarrassed for myself that I like this song.  Seriously, it has redneck in the title, it's an unacceptable choice.  For some reason, I just love it.  If it comes on the radio when I'm parking, I sit to listen to the rest of it.  I told Ty at least he's the only person who knows I like it, but here I am admitting it to all of you...

Our baby pool.  I love bath time because Carter is so adorable and loves the water so much.  Having a pool is an acceptable way to have bath time during the day and stretch it into an hour long event.  Now what will I do during the fall, winter, and spring?  Indoor baby pool... in the bath tub?
We even put bubble bath in the pool yesterday.

Carter's sleeping positions.  He is stinkin adorable when he sleeps.  I can't get over how he lays like a big boy.  When I go in to check on him I swear he looks like a toddler! 

That I get to see my students in 5 days!  I'm not excited to be away from Carter, but I can't wait to see my kiddos looping up to 2nd grade again and to meet my new 1st graders.  The best age group to teach, they are so much fun!  I'm normally nervous for Meet the Teacher night, but this year I'm just overly excited.  Looping is really an amazing concept and since I'm mulit-age instead of doing it every other year, I get to do it every year!

Baby boy's teeth.  When I see them they brighten my day.  They are the most visible when he is fussing and when he's laughing.  If I take too long in between bites of food he fusses and shows them off and I can't help but giggle.  Now the first time he uses them on me when nursing I may have a different opinion.
The sidewalk by our house.  I know I've mentioned this before, but I can't say it enough.  There wasn't a sidewalk within walking distance of our house until this summer.  They put a sidewalk in a block from our house stretching about three-quarters of a mile.  We use it to walk to the library.  I've also taken Harper and Carter on walks using it when Carter just had to be in his baby carrier.

Harper and Carter together.  I just can't get enough of them being sweet to each other.  Carter rolls and scoots toward Harper and she repays him by allowing him to "pet" her and pull her fur.  I can't believe how much Carter loves her.  He can be all out scream crying, look over, see Harper, and laugh.  Seriously, I get the screams and she gets giggles?!!?  I've even called her into the room when he was screaming and I couldn't get him calmed down.  Works like a charm... for a couple seconds as she walks by.
Babbling.  Carter is all about his voice and loves to babble.  It's so much fun to pretend we are having a conversation and talk back to him. 

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