Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Dentist Visit

I had a dentist visit scheduled for today since my last cleaning 6 months ago.  When I first scheduled the visit I was worried about what to do with Carter.  I thought I would need to find someone to watch him.  As the visit grew closer and Carter got older I wasn't worried.  I figured I'd just take him in his car seat and he'd hang out while I got my teeth cleaned.
Gotta clean those two teeth buds!

I kept remembering my appointment because I knew it was the same day as the math training I was leading.  After the training I was so excited to pick Carter up and hang out that the visit no longer registered in my mind.  Carter fell asleep around 1:00 and I sat on the couch working on the computer.  At 2:00 my phone dinged an appointment and I confusedly looked down at it.  I had totally forgotten about my 2:30 appointment, thank goodness for my phone!

I wanted to let Carter sleep for as long as possible, so I waited until 2:15 to go wake him up.  As I was walking to his room he woke up, talk about timing!  I quickly nursed him as I walked around gathering stuff and getting ready to go.  Finally at 2:25 I pulled him off because we had to go.  He was not a happy camper and rightfully so.

We got to the dentist and he was happily sitting in his car seat smiling at me while I talked and played with him.  Unfortunately we had to wait for about half an hour and after 20 minutes he was done with the car seat!  I pulled him out and held him while we waited some more.  They came to get us and when we got to the chair I tried putting him back in his car seat but he wasn't having it.  I held him and hoped when someone came to clean my teeth he would sit in his car seat okay.  Thankfully that was exactly what happened.

The minute she raised my chair back up and Carter saw my face he began to fuss again.  I got him out and we waited for the dentist to come look over my teeth.  He came in and lit up when he saw Carter.  I started to put him in his car seat, but the dentist told me to go ahead and hold him.  Carter was surprised when he leaned the chair back.  His eyes got really big!  The doctor took the mirror and started inspecting my teeth.  Little mister nosy reached out and tried to grab it.  I had to hold his hands down the whole time.  The dentist was really quick and then when he gave me my toothbrush, he also gave one to Carter.  Carter LOVED it and chewed on it the entire way home.  Pretty soon I'm going to be brushing 4 sets of teeth before I go to bed.   Anyone else out there brush your cat and dog's teeth?  It's super hilarious.  They both come to the bathroom when they hear me brush my teeth, sit by the door, and stare in waiting on me to brush their teeth.
Is it time to get our teeth brushed?


  1. Carter certainly loves the orange toothbrush! It's good to know that he didn't cry when the dentist tried to open his mouth. He was such a good boy, indeed! I wonder if there's a tooth start pushing through your baby's gum line now. It must've been exciting on your part to see his first tooth!

    Gus Eckles @ Dr. Thomas Seal

    1. Yes, he definitely had a couple of teeth popping through! I think that's why he loved chewing the toothbrush so much!