Tuesday, November 11, 2014

19 Week Bumpdate

This morning Carter slept until Ty got out of the shower so Ty took him into the kitchen with him to feed him breakfast.  I planned to get up and get ready for our weekly picture, but I fell back to sleep.  When I woke up Ty didn't have time to take the pictures before leaving for work.  So we ended up doing the pictures after Ty, Carter, Harper, and I ran in the evening.  I definitely feel like my belly is popping this week and it pops even more in the evening!

November 11, 2014

Baby's Size: Baby is the size of a mango, about 6 inches long.  Nerve cells for the 5 senses are developing in her brain, pretty cool!

Weight Gain: Up another pound for a total of 6 pounds gained so far.  I wish I'd weighed in weekly with Carter, but I just kept track of my weight gain at appointments for the most part.  For some reason it's making me a little nervous that I'm gaining a pound a week even though that's what everything says should be happening!  I just keep thinking, what if I gain more than a pound one week, then I'm going to gain a ton of weight!!!!

Maternity Clothes: I have officially switched over to maternity clothing with a few regular pieces thrown in here and there.  After a full day of constantly pulling my shirt down so as not to expose my belly on Saturday and my mom telling me it was time, I decided to bust out maternity tops.  I kept feeling like I wasn't pregnant enough to wear maternity tops, but when my mom straight up told me I needed to, I realized I am!

Sleep: Still taking 30 minute naps during the day most days.  When I don't I'm ready for bed at 9pm.  Towards the end of the week I started to feel the 1st trimester haze lifting and I didn't struggle to get out of bed in the mornings like usual!  I joked with Ty that it happened just in time for me to have a few weeks before the 3rd trimester rolls around but really I have about 9 weeks.

Symptoms: I am loving that those feelings that you get when you are getting big are kicking in.  When I sit down on a stool I can't breathe because there's so much pressure on everything!  There are also the tricky symptoms like it being difficult to carry Carter on my hip because my hips are somewhat disappearing although pretty soon I'll be able to carry him perched up on my belly!  Last week I was still getting "You don't look pregnant" comments and then on Sunday my parents' neighbor said it looks like I'm having twins. I just can't win, haha! Something I don't remember happening with Carter is that when I stand to do dishes at the sink the counter smashes my belly.  I'm not sure if I did fewer dishes when pregnant with Carter or I'm carrying higher this time or what.  I'm getting tired of the constant peeing!  It makes traveling difficult.  We had a 3 hour drive Friday evening and we had to make 2 restroom stops.  For a while now I smell onion constantly.  I'll think my hands smell like onion, the dish towel smells like onion, the air smells like onion.  It is weird!  I also felt Elise kick when I placed my hand on my belly.  I thought I'd felt it before but wasn't sure because I felt it so strongly from the inside I wasn't sure if I just thought I felt it from the outside.  I think the dry heaving is coming to a close because I've only had them a couple days and it's usually when I brush my teeth and is always in the morning rather than random times throughout the day.

Running: My weekly mileage was only 12 miles because I mostly ran 2 miles each day for various reasons.  We ran the Run to the Lights 5k at Silver Dollar City on Friday evening.  More on the race to come later this week.  I was pleased that my time was faster than last week despite all the hills and was only a few seconds slower than the Twilight Thriller at 24:18!  I'm starting to have the issue I remember having when I was pregnant with Carter where I feel like I'm going to pee my pants while I run.  When I run in the morning it's not too bad.  If I run in the evening I go to the bathroom before leaving the house, go again at the trails, and then feel like I'm going to pee my pants the whole first mile before I stop at the next restroom and go again.  It's definitely nice to be able to run in the mornings this time around but I don't think it will last much longer as the temps are supposed to drop significantly this week and I prefer to run at the warmest time of day when it's really cold outside. 

Food Cravings: I'm not sure if it's because I was re-reading The Secret Life of Bees or what but I was all about honey this week.  I put it in my chili, I doused my cornbread, I just couldn't get enough of it!  I also really wanted tuna and cheese together so I made macaroni and cheese with tuna and had it pretty much every day for lunch.

Food Aversions: Still barbeque and smoked meat, yuck!

Movement: Not only did I feel Elise move by placing my hand on my stomach, but Ty felt it as well!  It was so exciting to feel her kick from the inside and have Ty say, "Was that one?"  I knew he had felt from the outside the same movement I felt from the inside!  I love sharing her moving with Ty.  It makes me feel so connected to him and makes me feel like we're a family. 

Best Moment of the Week: It was super exciting for Ty to feel Elise kick, but my favorite moment was when Carter felt her!  I was holding Carter for our nightly snuggles before bed.  He was sucking his thumb and resting his head on my chest.  Elise gave an especially strong movement and Carter immediately pulled his thumb out of his mouth, jerked his head up, and stared at me.  It was as though he was asking, "What in the world was that?!!?"  I told him he'd just felt baby sister kick.  He smiled and laid his head back down on my chest. 

Currently Loving: Baby girl clothes shopping.  Since we were in Branson this weekend we hit up the outlet stores.  We went to Carter's, The Children's Place, Gymboree, and Osh Kosh.  I picked out clothes for my parents and brothers to get for Elise and give me for Christmas and I also bought a couple of things.  Carter's was my favorite store, not just because of the name, but because they had 50% off store wide.  I found some adorable pieces in their clearance section which was still an additional 25% off!  You can't beat that!!!!     

Miss Anything: Nope

What Big Brother is Up to This Week: We had such a fun week with trips to the aquarium and Children's Museum.  We also enjoyed our weekend in Branson.  Before the Race to the Lights Ty and Carter came into Silver Dollar City for a while.  Carter absolutely loved all the Christmas lights and stood by a giant Christmas tree dancing to the music.  He was a doll!  Carter was also quite surprised to feel his baby sister kick for the first time!  I didn't have a 19 week bumpdate with Carter because my weeks were off from my due date so I skipped week 19 to get back on track.
Harper wanted to be in the pictures too!

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