Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Caught in the act of sneaking Halloween candy.
Riding a carousel while out shopping at the outlet stores.
Pretending to ride the bus at the outlet stores.
Ready for a ride with Jake.
Playing with Legos while we shopped.

Reading with Oma.
Trying out a car after a playdate at the mall play area.
Not phased by the cold weather even when it was 70 degrees the day before!
Jake is using my leg as a chair?  No problem!
Can you tell we played with stickers?
Baby races!

Carter and Jake sharing my lap for story time.
Feeding his baby doll.
Night night hugs for daddy.
His new thing is going into his room and putting on a stocking cap in the morning.
Playing a drum at the Children's Museum.


  1. Harper did a great job playing with him! You could tell he didn't feel up to par, he wasn't dancing that much or with much of a smile in that last video.

    1. Yeah, he was in a funk yesterday. Still not 100% today, but feeling better!