Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Time is Carter Time

Both years since Carter has been born I get so excited as the wind gets that really cold, crisp chill to it indicating that winter is coming.  The season has never been a favorite of mine.  I despise being overly cold and my least favorite feeling is the world is my bones aching from the cold.  Walking outside and instantly feeling my cheeks freeze is enough to make me never want to leave the house.  When it's cold enough that the wind blows tears out of my eyes I feel like just all out crying anyway.  Winter has never been my cup of tea or hot chocolate or hot cider.  That is until Carter came along.

Now winter means something very different to me.  It means Carter, his birthday, him coming into our lives.  Every winter I am reminded of that last month before Carter was born.  The excitement that went along with knowing our baby would arrive soon.  The anticipation, the excited nerves, the waiting, but also being content.  When it gets cold outside I am reminded of running in my large spandex tops I bought as I grew larger and being frustrated as they became untucked and slid up, exposing the bottom of my belly.  I remember running after work when it was already dark, discussing with Ty what life would be like when Carter arrived.  We would finish our runs to the glow of giant Christmas trees decorating the park at the trails.  Every night as my special treat I would drink hot chocolate with some whipped cream on top and silently applaud myself for resisting other desserts and keeping my weight gain down.  I think of holding sweet, newborn little Carter in our living room while soaking up the glow of the Christmas tree.  I am reminded of Ty and my trip out to Target while my parents were visiting to buy Christmas presents for the baby we weren't expecting to come quite in time to receive any.
Carter's first winter.

Holidays are always exciting and with a child they become filled with even more joy.  I love decorating for holidays and doing festive activities and crafts.  Add a child into the mix and it's the kind of fun that just can't be matched.  Having Carter around to look at Christmas lights, decorate Christmas cookies, create ornaments, and sing carols makes the season so much more fun.  I got a Starbuck's gift card for my birthday and have been hoarding it for months so we can get hot chocolate and go look at Christmas lights one day this December.  I am so thankful for Carter, for the joy he brings into our lives.  I'm also thankful he was born in the winter.  Now winter has a magical feeling to it.  Winter to me means being a mom, being with Carter, bursting with love.  Instead of winter meaning cold and misery, it now means so much.  I will never forget the excitement of those last months of pregnancy or the joy of the first months of Carter's life.  At this time of year I am reminded of how lucky I am to have Carter in my life.  Now bring on the cold and freezing temperatures.  I'm ready!
Carter's 2nd Winter

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