Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What the Kids Say About Their Gma

Last year I added the fun of asking Carter questions about his grandmas to our Mother's Day questionnaires. This year Elise was able to join in which makes these posts twice as fun! Read what Carter said about his Gma last year here. Below are the kids' answers about their Gma in 2018 at almost 5.5 years old (Carter) and just over 3 years old (Elise).

What is something Gma always says to you?

Carter: Here Carter.
Elise: Reads to me.

What makes your Gma happy?

Carter: When I have a pet. 
Elise: Me kissin her.

What makes your Gma sad?

Carter: When I break something.
Elise: My Gma sad from Gpa. 

How does your Gma make you laugh?

Carter: By chasing me.
Elise: She tickles me.

What was your Gma like as a child?

Carter: She was a big girl.
Elise: She was my old.

How old is your Gma?

Carter: 70
Elise: She's 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

How tall is your Gma?

Carter: A inch tall.
Elise: Like Oma and Opa and Gpa and Gma.

What is your Gma's favorite thing to do?

Carter: Her favorite thing to do is go somewhere with me.
Elise: Lick me

What does your Gma do when you're not around?

Carter: She gets stuff ready.
Elise: She at her house.

If your Gma becomes famous, what will it be for?

Carter: That she's a payer.
Elise: 6, 7, 8

What is your Gma really good at?

Carter: Playing
Elise: Play ball with me.

What is your Gma not very good at?

Carter: Bad stuff
Elise: Tickling 

What does your Gma do for a job?

Carter: Works at 71st Street. 
Elise: Works outside.

What is your Gma's favorite food?

Carter: Mac and cheese
Elise: Me

What makes you proud of your Gma?

Carter: Of her giving me a present.
Elise: When she tickles me.

If your Gma were a character who would she be?

Carter: She would be Skye because she rescues. 
Elise: Elise

What do you and your Gma do together?

Carter: We play. I like to play toys with her.
Elise: Snuggle 

How are you and your Gma the same?

Carter: We both have curly hair.
Elise: We poop in the toilet.

How are you and your Gma different?
Carter: She has green hair and I have blonde hair. (I double checked with him multiple times and he was convinced her hair was green. He even told me, "What I think it's greenish.")
Elise: Our socks

How do you know your Gma loves you?
Carter: Because she plays with me.
Elise: Hugs me.  

What does your Gma like most about your Gpa?

Carter: She likes to have fun with him.
Elise: He smiles. 

Where is your Gma's favorite place to go?
Carter: To that place where there's painting walls and bikes and everything. *That would be the Children's Museum in Topeka*
Elise: McAlister's 

How old was your Gma when you were born?
Carter: 60
Elise: 6 


  1. So sweet. We all definitely have curly hair and yes, I poop in the toilet!! Gma

  2. Your comment made me laugh, Leina.